Belt and Road Initiative sets example for world

I was deeply impressed by the elements of inclusiveness and harmony contained in Chinese culture while maintaining diversity. Such inclusiveness and harmony are reflected in every aspect, including C...


Belt and Road Initiative is one of most important initiatives in 21st century

Over the past five years, a series of successful projects under the Belt and Road framework have generated new opportunities for the economic and social development of host countries.


BRI a bridge to more globalized, just world: expert

Important progress has been achieved regarding the BRI, which goes beyond the economic and commercial realms and also focuses on institutional, environmental, cultural, and social dimensions.


BRI a new source of growth for EU

What has prompted Italy to join the initiative? And will other major European countries follow Italy's example to join the initiative?


Italy's plan to join BRI aims to build multiple gateways between Asia and Europe

They hope to increase exports to China, increase exports to countries and regions along the Belt and Road routes, explore third-party markets and improve connectivity.