CPEC to help improve Pakistan's connectivity with the world: finance minister

Pakistani Finance Minister Asad Umar said on Wednesday that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will help his country improve its connectivity with the regional countries and beyond to south and cen...


AIIB seeks consensus in collective decision-making among 93 members

Global Times reporters recently interviewed Joachim von Amsberg about AIIB's achievements, China's role in AIIB and the young bank's future priorities.


Kenya's popular train service fueling modernization and linkages: expert

Kenya's popular Nairobi-Mombasa train service is fueling the country's modernization while enhancing social and economic linkages with neighbors, an expert said on Tuesday.


CPEC a blessing for both Pakistan and China

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has emerged as a boon both for Pakistan and China. The peoples of the two countries have great expectations from the CPEC in terms of economic growth and regional...


Surging number of BRI overseas projects spurred big demand for multi-skilled talent

China's surging number of Belt and Road Initiative projects in overseas markets have spurred big demand for multi-disciplinary specialists.