Forum held in London to discuss Belt and Road, green finance

A forum was held in London on Monday with focus on the Belt and Road Initiative and green finance, with more than 50 participants from political, industrial and financial fields in both China and Britain.

Chen Yuan, former vice-chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the Silk Road Research Centre, said in the opening speech that the synergy between green development and the B&R Initiative has received extensive attention.

"We must also integrate the concept of sustainable development of green, low-carbon and recycling into the whole process of construction and various projects in the promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative," Chen said, stressing that the B&R Initiative and green development are mutually coordinated and mutually beneficial.

Chen hoped that China and Britain should work together to contribute to the green development of the B&R Initiative, the Sino-British friendship and the Community of shared future for mankind.

China's Ambassador to UK Liu Xiaoming said that China and Britain have major advantages in carrying out green financial cooperation under the framework of B&R Initiative.

"The UK is a 'natural partner' of China in advancing the BRI. I hope that the UK will engage in BRI more vigorously and substantially and join us in deepening and broadening China-UK cooperation on the BRI," Liu said, adding that he hopes that this forum will bring out more insights on how to tap our potential in green finance under the framework of the B&R Initiative, so as to elevate and expand cooperation on green finance.

Lord James Sassoon, chairman of the China Britain Business Council said in his speech that the idea of building a "Green Silk Road" can be achieved not only with the establishment and improvement of green standards, but also close cooperation between different countries.

British Teasury's Belt and Road Envoy Douglas Flint suggested that the B&R Initiative construction could be combined with the UN's sustainable development goals and strive to achieve maximum benefits.

Co-hosted by Climate Bonds Initiative and Reignwood Cultural Foundation, this forum is the first forum in the UK to bring together the two hot topics of the B&R Initiative and "Green Finance" for discussion.

Editor: 曹家宁
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