Big data lays "Digital Silk Road"

Time: 2019-05-14 22:40:39 Source: Belt and Road Portal

At the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation last year, General Secretary Xi Jinping noted that, "we should adhere to innovation-driven development, strengthen cooperation in frontier fields such as digital economy, AI, nanotechnology and quantum computer, and advance the construction of big data, cloud computing and smart cities, to build the 21st Century Digital Silk Road. The concept of the "Digital Silk Road" initiative is gradually connecting data resources for the digital economic development of "Belt and Road" countries, to build a new platform and pattern for regional and world economic development. With the rapid development and strong support of "big data +", "internet +" and other data information technologies, the "Belt and Road" initiative has met the needs of Belt and Road countries and people, and become more targeted and effective.

According to a report released by the Ministry of Commerce, the "Belt and Road" initiative has received positive response from over 140 countries and regions, and established 75 overseas economic and trade cooperation zones. The ongoing Silk Road e-commerce project is providing big data, cloud computing and AI services to countries along the "Belt and Road" initiative. The combination of "big data" with the "Belt and Road" can produce the strongest voice of the "Digital Silk Road" era and profoundly change the situation of economic globalization and the world digital economy.

"Big data" speeds up the development of the "digital economy". The digital economy has become an important push for the development of the contemporary world economy. China's digital economy with a large scale, high quality and high benefit is becoming a good source for the digital economic development of countries along the "Belt and Road" initiative.

"Big data" promotes the development of the "Digital Silk Road". To implement the "Belt and Road" initiative smoothly, we need to overcome diversities among "Belt and Road" countries in region, language, nationality, religion, culture, customs and economic and social development, establish multilingual, multi-perspective and all-round platforms for big data sharing and dissemination, introduce the history and current situation of "Belt and Road" countries and regions, publicize the concept and experience of implementing the "Digital Silk Road", enhance the mutual understanding between "Belt and Road" countries more rapidly, conveniently and effectively, and carry out all-round cooperation in policy communication, facilities connectivity, unblocked trade, financial integration and people-to-people exchanges.

"Data comes first in the digital economy". The smooth construction of the "Digital Silk Road" is inseparable from big data support. The upgrading of "big data" needs the broad stage provided by the "Digital Silk Road". Promoting the development of the "Digital Silk Road" through "big data" is accomplishing the multi-way flow of "data flow", "information flow", "technology flow", "talent flow" and "materials flow" among Silk and Road countries, as well as the construction and sharing of innovation chain, industry chain, value chain, technology chain and capital chain.

Editor: 刘梦