Note: This column mainly includes countries along the Belt and Road and countries that have signed cooperation agreements with China on Belt and Road Initiative.

In 2013, friendship and cooperation between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Togo grew smoothly. Practical cooperation in various fields made steady progress.

Political mutual trust between the two countries went deeper. In March, Togo's President Faure Essozimna Gnassignbe sent a congratulatory message to President Xi Jinping on his election. Speaker of Togo's parliament Abass Bonfoh sent messages of congratulations to NPC Chairman Zhang Dejiang and CPPCC Chairman Yu Zhengsheng respectively on their new positions. Togo's Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Elliott Qhin sent a congratulatory message to Wang Yi on becoming China's foreign minister. In September, NPC Chairman Zhang Dejiang sent a message of congratulations to Dama Dramani on taking up the post as national parliament speaker. Premier Li Keqiang sent a message of congratulations to Prime Minister Kwesi Séléagodji Ahoomey-Zunu on starting a second term. Foreign Minister Wang Yi sent a congratulatory message to Robert Dussey on becoming minister of foreign affairs and cooperation.

On 13 December, China's new ambassador Liu Yuxi presented his letter of credence to President Faure.

Bilateral economic cooperation was fruitful. As a project under the eight new measures China announced at the fourth Ministerial Conference of FOCAC, the 100 wells China undertook to dig for Togo were delivered in May. Construction of the Tokoin middle school and the solar-power lighting project were launched in June. In August, the Sokoté power converting station, a project financed by preferential loans from the Chinese government, started construction.

Cooperation in health and other areas made new progress. In August, the 21st batch of Chinese medical workers arrived in Togo. In the same month, Togo's Minister of Health Kondi Charles Agba came to China and attended the Ministerial Forum of China-Africa Health Development.

Editor: 曹家宁
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