Chinese youths tapping career and business opportunities along Belt and Road

Members of China's post-90s generation have become a vital force tapping career and business opportunities along the Belt and Road, reports Yangcheng Daily.

More and more Chinese youths, born in the 1990s, have settled down in the United Arab Emirates working there or starting their own business.

Seventeen students from Qingyuan Senior Technical Institute in South China's Guangdong Province went to work in the UAE in 2010 under a human resources cooperation agreement signed between their college and Guangdong Chamber of Commerce in the UAE. So far the platform has helped three batches of graduates from the college to work in the UAE. With good English language skills and indomitable spirit, they have adapted themselves to local environment and developed their career paths.

Chen Yanling, one of them, now runs a tourism company in Dubai. She has been married and bought her house in the city.

Chen's classmate Huang Junnan operates a Chinese restaurant and sells cigarettes and tea in Dubai.

Gao Qiang, a Chinese student currently studying at a university in Dubai, has opened an over 1000-square-meter store at the city's largest floral and nursery stock market. Gao, who said he owns the best temperature-controlled greenhouse for flower cultivation in Dubai, dreams of introducing famous flowers from Guangdong to Dubai in the future to make the city more beautiful in the future.

With the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative, more young Chinese people are now working in the Middle East. They are hardworking and learn foreign languages quickly, making them popular among local employers. 

"I hope that more Chinese youths will go to countries along the Belt and Road to find and fulfill their dreams," said Zhang Qinwei, chairman of the Guangdong Chamber of Commerce in the UAE. 

Editor: zhangjunmian