Belarus' largest substation sees completion

Belarus' largest substation was completed on July 31 by a Chinese enterprise, marking its readiness to convert electricity for the first nuclear power plant in the eastern European country.

After three years of construction by China's state-owned enterprise North China Power Engineering Co. Ltd, the 330-kV Pastvy substation, located in the northern state of Pastvy, can deliver 110 kV of power to the states of Grodno, Vitebsk and Minsk.

Belarus' first nuclear power plant will be completed by 2020, the power transmission of which the Pastvy substation will play an important role, Belarus' Energy Minister Pottu Pucik said at a ceremony marking the completion of the substation.

Energy cooperation between the two countries has been fruitful in recent years, with US$2 billion in energy projects taking up a considerable proportion of China's total investment in Belarus. 

Editor: lishen