Action plan issued to protect foreign ventures' intellectual property

The central authorities have issued an action plan in relation to the protection of intellectual property rights of foreign-funded enterprises. The campaign - the first of its kind running from this month to December - will target the crimes of IPR violations which infringe upon the foreign ventures’ legal interests.

The action plan lays out 11 tasks and clarifies the responsibilities of different departments. It requires them to deal a heavy blow upon the infringement of business secrets, patent rights, rights of the new variety plants, malicious trade mark registering and online piracy.

According to the action plan, the authorities will strengthen supervision on export and consignments and pay special attention to handling influential and serious cases.

The action plan requires the judicial and law enforcement departments to closely cooperate with each other to improve their work efficiency so as to maintain a fair and good business and investment environment.

Editor: zhangjunmian