Chinese medical team provides free health services in Solomon Islands' Western Province

SYDNEY, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- China's first medical team in the Solomon Islands on Wednesday provided free health services to people in Gizo, capital of the Western Province, which marked the third free clinical activity the team has conducted since its arrival in the country.

With the support of Gizo Hospital, the medical team set up a temporary clinic utilizing the hospital's consulting rooms and corridors.

One general practitioner, one nephrologist and one doctor specialized in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture from the team, assisted by medical staff from both countries, offered diagnosis and treatment to 102 local residents for six consecutive hours.

Western Provincial Health Director Dickson Boara said that the Chinese medical team has met the desperate need of Gizo people for high-quality medical care, helping them save huge amounts of time and money.

The medical training provided by the Chinese team also contributed to the capacity building of the local medical staff, Boara noted, adding that under joint efforts from both sides, Gizo's medical conditions and the satisfaction of local people have seen substantial improvement.

The Chinese medical team also held a diabetes-themed lecture, sharing knowledge of the disease, related prevention and health management with local medical staff.

Editor: Tian Shenyoujia