China, Russia secure new consensus on Arctic shipping routes

China and Russia have exchanged their views on the construction of the “Ice Silk Road”, and reached new consensus, the Ministry of Commerce said on Nov. 9.

The ministry calls the consensus “positive progress” in China-Russia joint development of the Arctic.

China’s COSCO Shipping has finished its trial voyage multiple times along the Arctic shipping routes. The transport departments of the two governments are discussing on a cooperation memorandum of understanding on the Arctic maritime affairs cooperation.

And enterprises from the two countries are engaged in cooperation on the exploration of oil and gas in the area of land surrounding the North Pole. They are negotiating on the construction of transportation infrastructure facilities along the Arctic shipping routes, said Gao Feng, spokesman of the ministry, in a news conference in Beijing on Nov. 9.

The ministry is working with the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia on the establishment of a working mechanism on the development and exploration of the Arctic shipping routes, as well as cooperation on resource development, infrastructure construction, tourism and scientific investigation.

Editor: zhangjunmian