China proposes efficient solutions for improving global governance -- Belarusian expert

At a time when human society is facing many challenges and the current global governance system is inadequate in addressing them, China provides efficient and mutually beneficial solutions for improving global governance, a Belarusian expert has said.

"At present, the rapid development of human society has also brought related problems, including environmental problems and cooperation problems caused by unbalanced development," said Sergei Kizima, head of the International Relations Department of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Belarus.

"The regional chaos caused by war has led to new refugee flows and some problems have also triggered threat from terrorism," Kizima said in an interview with Xinhua.

According to Kizima, the current system of global governance is not satisfactory in addressing the challenges and threats to humanity.

He said that the big powers do not abide by the decisions of relevant international organizations and want to impose their own will on them, which result in the failure of international organizations to fully play their role.

"Not only has the U.S. been especially vocal in recent years, but it has encouraged its allies to work together to thwart attempts by international organizations to consider interests outside the West," the expert said.

"In the logic of the Americans, if international organizations do not carry out the will of the United States, then its operation is abnormal," he said.

"Under such circumstances, it is necessary to improve global governance, and it is natural for China to propose new global governance initiatives," he added.

Kizima said that the principle of "achieving shared growth through discussion and collaboration" proposed by China to improve global governance is of great significance.

The principle proposed by China is fully compliant with the concept that all mankind must change from traditional confrontation between different countries or different camps to the development for the benefit of all mankind, he said.

China's specific proposal on promoting global governance under the principle is aimed at building a more harmonious world in which each country has its own voice, Kizima noted.

He also believed that the cooperation between the BRICS countries, the cooperation within the framework of Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative will have an important impact on the formation of a new global governance architecture that takes into account the interests of all mankind.

Editor: 董平