Silk road marine environment forecast system in trial operation

China on Wednesday announced the trial operation of a marine environment forecast and support system which focuses on areas along the "maritime silk road".

Developed by the National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center (NMEFC), the system serves a vast area including the South China Sea, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal, covering 102 major cities.

Since the start of the century, hundreds of thousands of people have died from marine disasters along the "maritime silk road," and harsh sea conditions caused many accidents and much environmental pollution.

The system aims to improve the capabilities of coastal regions and related sea areas in protecting marine environment, and the NMEFC owns complete independent intellectual property rights of forecast products for storms, tsunamis, search and rescue, and oil spills.

According to Yu Fujiang, director of the NMEFC, the system consists of seven sub-forecast systems, a service platform for navigation safety and a channel for maritime silk road at

Editor: 曹家宁