E China's Anhui mulls a batch of key projects to promote B&R construction in 2019

Anhui Province in East China announced that it is mulling a batch of key Belt and Road cooperation projects to smooth the trade channels in 2019.

These key projects cover overseas projects conducted by key enterprises such as Anhui Conch Cement Company Limited, China BBCA Group and Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., as well as the construction of provincial-level overseas parks, according to official statement released by the provincial development and reform commission.

Besides, the province will deepen its cooperation with Germany and Russia by furthering implementation of a number of key projects such as new-energy vehicle project between JAC Motors and Volkswagen, accelerating the construction of China-Germany parks concerning small and medium-sized enterprises and actively participating in the Yangtze River - Volga River cooperation conference.

Wei Xiaojun, an official of the provincial development and reform commission, said the province will also endeavor to promote the construction of facilities for interconnection by improving its integrated transport network, opening more flights shuttling between Anhui and B&R countries and regions, and providing more support to the Hefei-Xinjiang-Europe International Freight Trains.

According to the official, the Hefei-Xinjiang-Europe International Freight Trains had made over 180 trips in 2018 with cargo supplies covering Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong, etc..

It is reported that Anhui kept improving its key B&R project library in 2018, mulling and implementing key projects regarding fields such as infrastructure, economic and trade cooperation as well as industrial investment.

Editor: 曹家宁