Introduction of Adventures on the New Silk Road (The second quarter)

Adventures on the New Silk Road (The second quarter), through 13 short stories, shows the new progress and achievements made by China and the countries along the way in the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as the changes brought about by these progress and achievements to the lives of ordinary people in related countries. Instead of sticking to the achievements of large-scale infrastructure construction, the program turns its attention to the fields of human communication, ecological environment protection, logistics and trade. Starting with the details of life, it explores new Silk Road stories that are closer to people's lives. The program shifted the Belt and Road Initiative from the macro level strategy at the national level to one person, one project and one company, showing the positive impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on the people of the countries along the line by changing the lives and fate of the small people.


Than Htun's Hope tells the story of Than Htun, a Burmese geologist, who invited experts from China, Myanmar and Thailand to come together to plan for the application of Burma's Popa Mountains to become a world geological park. The arrival of experts has not only brought a lot of valuable experience to Than Htun, but also made more people realize the rich geological resources of the Popa Mountains, attracted more people's attention and participation, and jointly worked for the goal of building Myanmar's first world geological park.

Common Treasures tells the story of more than 200 cultural relics from Afghanistan on display in China. Crown, Aphrodite, Monarch and Dragon... These precious cultural relics not only record the remains of Afghanistan's history and civilization, but also witness the blending of multi-national cultures. The blending of civilizations in history has created these glorious treasures, and tolerance has enabled these treasures to shine brilliantly on the world stage.

With the help of a grand international book fair, International Publishers brings together publishers from different countries. American English textbook publisher Alexander, senior publisher Mercedes of Spain, Mexican publisher Elena and editor of the Commercial Press Liaohua are busy looking for opportunities and partners at this international event. More and more Chinese books have been published abroad, and books have become a link between people.

Power From the Desert tells the story of Chinese builders building the Attarat power station for Jordan, a country rich in oil shale. Although Jordan is located in the oil and gas-rich Arabian Peninsula, 90% of its energy needs to be imported. The oil shale power station built by China and Jordan in the city of Arabia is an important measure to free Jordan from energy dependence and an early harvest of the Belt and Road Initiative in Jordan.

Greening the Desert Online tells about a new mode of public participation in poplar planting in China through the Internet, which has attracted more and more people's attention in more and more countries. It is becoming a trend to mobilize public participation in green public welfare through the network. It not only links the public, promoters and implementers, but also allows more people to participate in the protection and restoration of our ecological environment and protect our green home together.

A Tower of Hope tells the story of Sri Lanka Radio and Television Tower designed by the Chinese team. It looks like a lotus flower. It incorporates elements of Sri Lankan Buddhist culture, and is concerned and loved by the local people. The construction of Lotus Tower not only brings many building data standards to Sri Lanka, but also promotes the development of local high-rise building industry. The Lotus Tower will become a new landmark of Sri Lanka and usher in a new era of digital television in Sri Lanka.

Arabic Live tells the story of a Chinese company creating the world's most popular Arabic live broadcasting platform. In order to better meet the habits and needs of the Arabic audiences, they formed an international team. Lumi from Oman became the backbone of the team. From helping the team solve problems at the beginning to becoming the anchor manager responsible for all the anchor issues of the platform, Lumi has witnessed the growth of the live platform and has a clearer life plan for himself.

A Green Port for Tema tells the story of Chinese builders who, while expanding new wharfs in Ghana's port, are also paying attention to local environmental protection. In addition to routine operations such as noise and dust detection, garbage sorting and water quality detection, they also organized a Turtle Guard to create a suitable hatching environment for the small turtles living here and maintain the local ecological environment.

Designing Phones for Africa tells the story of a Chinese company that, by studying the needs of African users, customized exclusive mobile phone functions for them, from obscurity to becoming Africa's No. 1 seller. By analyzing the facial features and aesthetic appeals of African users, China's design team constantly optimizes the camera function of mobile phones, and works with African teams to discuss the best solution. Focusing on the needs of users and devoting themselves to research, this is the secret of the success of this Chinese-made mobile phone in Africa.

Battling Desertification tells the story of a novel desert journey in China by representatives of non-governmental organizations from Silk Road countries. They visited a self-developed mechanical sand control vehicle in China, and saw green barriers in the desert, and even green orchards full of melons and fruits. This visit not only shows the achievements of China in combating desertification, but also gives them more experience and confidence to solve ecological problems such as desertification.

Polar Engineering Project introduced to the audience that a large project of LNG in Yamal is being built in the Russian Polar Region, which is jointly financed by Russia, China and France. China has undertaken nearly 80% of the work in this project. The project adopts modular assembly construction method. Facing the harsh environment of minus 50 degrees Celsius, Chinese builders are facing many difficulties to challenge the human limit. The successful exploitation of LNG in Yamal has opened a new chapter of the Silk Road on the Ice and promoted the continuous development of international cooperation on clean energy in the world.

The Silk Road in the Sky tells about the establishment of the Silk Road in the Air which links the inland city of Zhengzhou in China with more and more countries along the Silk Road and also connects people's lives. The development of air silk route not only enables Chinese consumers to buy goods from all over the world at home, but also shortens the logistics time. At the same time, it also enables more Chinese goods to go to the world.

Ronaldo's Chinese Soccer Whizzkids tells the story of Brazilian A-level football coach Ronaldo who came to Yongchuan, Chongqing to help the development of campus football. Football should start with dolls, but the lack of professional coach guidance has always been a difficult problem in Yongchuan District of Chongqing. Ronaldo's joining made the football development of Yongchuan District take on a new look. Young players of different ages have been trained more specifically, and he has been integrated into Yongchuan's life in the process.

Editor: 曹家宁