NW China's Qinghai unveils Belt and Road construction priorities in 2019

Northwest China's Qinghai Province unveiled its priorities in 2019 under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) on Monday to further promote the Belt and Road construction.

These priorities focus on five respects of policy coordination, facility connectivity, unimpeded trade, financial integration, and people-to-people bond.

In terms of policy coordination, the Province will improve related communication mechanism at a faster speed to strengthen and extend cooperation with Belt and Road countries and regions at the government level.

Besides, it will make joint efforts with neighbouring regions to push up the construction of the new international land and sea trade channels and speed up opening-up to the south.

In terms of facility connectivity, the Province will continue to improve its railway, road and air transport networks, related infrastructure as well as comprehensive passenger and cargo transport capacities.

It will also positively extend air routes and flights between Qinghai and Belt and Road countries and regions, foster the construction of its information and communication infrastructure, and forge itself into an energy transmission base to boost clear energy development in Belt and Road countries and regions.

As for unimpeded trade, emphasis will be put on foreign trade structure optimization, support for enterprises involving in foreign trade, comprehensive bonded zone construction, investment attraction pattern innovation, international production capacity cooperation, etc.

Besides, efforts will also be made to forge green trade channels linking Russia, Europe, Central Asia, West Asia and South Asia, cut customs clearance time, build unified Belt and Road port platforms, and hold various trade fairs to make them platforms and windows for Qinghai to integrate into the Belt and Road construction.

As for financial integration, the Province will help enterprises engaging in imports and exports to promote cross-border trade RMB settlement business, advance the pilot of the comprehensive demonstration zone for inclusive finance, and enhance the support for green finance development to better serve the financial needs in the Belt and Road construction.

In terms of people-to-people bond, efforts will be made to deepen cooperation with Belt and Road countries and regions on cultural exchanges, tourism promotion, education cooperation, sports events internationalization, sports talent exchanges, medical exchanges and ecological civilization construction.

Editor: 曹家宁