(CIIE) Roundup: China's import expo a catalyst for global enterprise growth, cooperation

Updated: November 13, 2023 Source: Xinhua News Agency
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This photo taken on Nov. 3, 2023 shows the south square of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), the main venue for the sixth China International Import Expo (CIIE), in east China's Shanghai.  (Xinhua/Wang Xiang)

The CIIE serves as an excellent platform and fosters opportunities for investment and facilitating export-import agreements, said Rwandan economic analyst Teddy Kaberuka.

KIGALI, Nov. 12 (Xinhua) -- The China International Import Expo (CIIE) has made a critical contribution to the growth of global enterprises over the past years, providing a valuable platform for investments in developing countries, Rwandan analysts and businesses have said.

Teddy Kaberuka, a Rwandan economic analyst, told Xinhua that the CIIE serves as an excellent platform where Chinese businesses engage with foreign counterparts, fostering opportunities for investment and facilitating export-import agreements.

"It is a very good platform for the economy for both Chinese and foreigners doing business with China. China being a very large country geographically makes it challenging for African investors to travel to China and reach all the regions to meet different companies for business. But at an exhibition, African people can meet different companies in one place, discuss, and potentially seal deals," Kaberuka said.

The just-concluded sixth edition of the CIIE, held in Shanghai on Nov. 5-10, drew over 3,400 exhibitors from 154 countries, regions and international organizations.

Kaberuka underscored the exhibition's global significance, particularly its role in facilitating the export process for less developed countries by bringing together business executives from these nations to interact with a multitude of Chinese companies.

"It is much easier for African businesspeople and for the Chinese companies as well. This exhibition helps to increase trade, boost business, and boost investments for China, especially with business-to-business initiatives," he said.

Aaron Rutayisire, the sales and marketing manager of Rwanda Farmers Coffee, told Xinhua that the CIIE has presented export opportunities that benefit global enterprises.

"It is a very important event, providing companies a great opportunity to showcase their products to Chinese consumers. The CIIE has contributed to our export growth in China," Rutayisire said.

His company, based in Rwanda's capital, Kigali, procures high-end coffee beans from coffee farmers' cooperatives in Rwanda, which Rutayisire believes has improved the lives of farmers. It was his company's fourth time to participate in the expo this year, with its product brand, Gorilla's Coffee.

The CIIE is significant because it enables global companies to tap China's huge market, Rutayisire said, noting China's open policy ensures that "everyone wins, both the people of China and the exporting countries."

"A lot of potential exists in open markets. Many countries lose more than they gain by creating barriers to trade. China itself remains our top export destination for Gorilla's Coffee," he said.

Egide Karuranga, a retired Rwandan professor of International Economics at the University of Virginia in the United States, pointed out that global companies introduced their products at the CIIE and ended up forming partnerships with Chinese firms.

China's development initiatives and platforms, such as the China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) and the China International Fair for Trade in Services, facilitate the sharing of China's development opportunities with developing countries, he told Xinhua.

"The CIIE reflects China's dedication to opening up its market, which has been helpful in global economic recovery. It demonstrates China's resolve to impact the global economy," Karuranga added.

Editor: Yang Yifan