British artist sends oil painting in support of China’s battle against outbreak

Updated: March 10, 2020 Source: People’s Daily Online
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British artist Rebecca Vincenzi has expressed her support for China and its battle against the epidemic by sending an oil painting to the organizing committee of the Beijing International Art Biennale (BIAB) on Feb. 20.

In the painting, titled “The World’s Hands Together to Stop the Coronavirus”, a child in green is looking at a flower, while different coloured hands hold each other in front of him. In the background are flags from various countries.

According to Vincenzi, the child represents hope and love and the green clothing and the flower symbolize life. The hands of different colors and flags represent the world working together to battle the epidemic. The painting also features candles and a test tube as an expression of hope for research efforts and the development of a vaccine.

In fact, many foreign artists like Vincenzi have sent their pictures to the organizing committee of the BIAB to support the Chinese people during the pneumonia outbreak. The organizing committee has even held an online pneumonia-themed series exhibition featuring these artworks so that more people can feel the artists’ support.

Editor: 赵银平