Sales promotion via live-streaming becomes new method of boosting consumption in China

Updated: July 13, 2020 Source: People’s Daily Online
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Sales promotion through live-streaming has become a new method of boosting consumption in China, and has played a prominent role in strengthening industry penetration, improving sales efficiency and speeding up market circulation.

Officials promote peaches for a local farmer via live-streaming in the city of Shangrao, Jiangxi province on June 21, 2020. (Photo/People's Daily)

Promoting sales through live-streaming is currently under the spotlight in the Chinese consumer market. According to the Ministry of Commerce, there were more than 4 million live-streaming shows in the e-commerce industry nationwide in the first quarter of this year alone.

Live-streaming has not only become an important channel for boosting sales of agricultural and sideline products, but has also resulted in the emergence of new consumption patterns.

Against this background, all kinds of enterprises have tried to launch their own live-streaming shows, so as to strengthen interaction with consumers, broaden marketing channels, improve sales efficiency, strengthen the integration of the industrial chain, and open up broader spaces for the development of the Internet economy.

"This is our crispy red plum in Muchuan. It is crispy, sweet and delicious," said an anchor in a live-streamed broadcast in Muchuan county, southwest China's Sichuan province. Jiang Hua, deputy county head of Muchuan, and online celebrities appeared on camera, pooling their efforts to help farmers increase their incomes.

The public welfare live-streaming broadcast attracted nearly 500,000 online viewers, greatly easing the pressure on plum farmers in the local villages. 

Editor: 王予