Interview: New Kyrgyz authorities enjoy great opportunity to upgrade relations with China, says expert

Updated: January 15, 2021 Source:
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The new authorities of Kyrgyzstan have a great opportunity to bring relations with China to a new level, Kyrgyz political scientist Edil Osmonbetov told Xinhua on Wednesday.

The expert said that new opportunities and new prospects for Kyrgyz-Chinese cooperation appeared with the election of a new president and new authorities in Kyrgyzstan.

"On the one hand, we have a strategic partnership and, accordingly, today we can talk about real projects that could be within the framework of Kyrgyz-Chinese cooperation," the expert said.

"In addition, we have a geographical proximity, we have a common border with China," he said.

The expert said he hopes to see Kyrgyzstan and China further promote their relations and for this, it is necessary to strengthen inter-parliamentary, inter-state and cultural ties.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Osmonbetov expressed optimism in bilateral cooperation in fight against the novel coronavirus.

Kyrgyzstan could receive great help from China, especially in the field of medical equipment, the political analyst said.

"This would be a great contribution to the development of bilateral relations, because this is no longer just economic aid in the form of grants and loans. A higher level of humanitarian and cultural interaction is an opportunity to save lives, and it will always remain in the memory of the people," said Osmonbetov.

The expert said he believes that the priority of bilateral relations would be the Belt and Road Initiative, which would strengthen the economic potential of Kyrgyzstan, including boosting the export of Kyrgyz products to the huge Chinese market.

Editor: 杜俊知