China might vaccinate most of world: media

Updated: September 16, 2021 Source:
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"The U.S. isn't vaccinating most of the world - but China might," U.S. news website Axios news said Monday in a report.

"The U.S. and other Western countries could vaccinate teenagers and provide booster shots to everyone, and still have 1.2 billion excess doses available to send elsewhere this year," the report cited data from analytics firm Airfinity as saying.

However, "the U.S. and its drug companies likely won't get the poor, unvaccinated parts of the world out of the pandemic, but China might," the report said.

The global COVAX plan estimates it received 25 percent fewer doses than expected.

The vaccines manufactured by China can be "stored at normal refrigerator temperatures," and some believe China is able to supply more vaccines, the report said.

Editor: 杨倩