Chinese language competition propels China-Ghana cultural exchange

Updated: May 29, 2022 Source: Xinhua News Agency
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ACCRA, May 28 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese language competition "Chinese Bridge" has given an impetus to the cultural exchange between China and Ghana, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Ghana Chu Beijuan said Saturday.

Chu made the remarks during an interview with Xinhua on the sidelines of the competition which was held on Saturday.

"Through this competition, many Ghanaian students have stood out and won scholarships to further their studies in China, opening a new chapter in their lives," she said.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic left this year's competition no choice but to be held online. Despite that, the Ghanaian students' enthusiasm for it has not faded at all. During the quiz on Chinese culture, many participants displayed a wide knowledge of Chinese history and culture, which won acclaim from the Chinese audiences online.

"Language is more about culture, and I believe these contestants proficient in Chinese will do more to promote the cultural exchange between the two countries," Chu added.

Speaking during the competition, Liu Yang, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce for Chinese Enterprises in Ghana, said the competition enabled the Chinese enterprises in Ghana to discover more local talents.

"As the China-Ghana cooperation deepens, the Chinese enterprises are willing to open more doors for young Ghanaian talents proficient in Chinese," he said.

The "Chinese Bridge" is an annual competition aimed at inspiring students in various countries to learn Chinese and strengthen their understanding of the Chinese language and culture.

Editor: Tian Shenyoujia