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Freight train boosts Xi'an, Kazakhstan cultural links

Updated: March 10, 2023 Source: en.xa.gov.cn
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The first China-Europe cultural freight train from Xi'an to North Kazakhstan Province departs on March 7. [Photo/Visual Xi'an]

The first China-Europe cultural freight train from Xi'an – capital of northwest China's Shaanxi Province – to North Kazakhstan Province, in Kazakhstan, departed from Xi'an on March 7 on the occasion of the 113th International Women's Day.

The train carried cultural gifts prepared by the Xi'an Women's Federation for women and children in North Kazakhstan Province, including hand-painted silk scarves, shadow puppets, paper-cuttings and wheat stalk paintings.


International students learn about China's handicrafts and other intangible cultural heritage at the launch ceremony. [Photo/Visual Xi'an]

At the launch ceremony for the train, handicrafts and other intangible cultural heritage work – such as embroidery, buttons, wooden ladles, facial makeup and clay sculptures – were displayed. These let the Kazakhstan students participating in the event experience the charms of China's intangible cultural heritage at close range.

The train shipment came about after the Xi'an Women's Federation and the Xi'an Women and Children's Activity Center sent a friendship invitation to North Kazakhstan Province and received a very positive response.

Moving forwards, the two sides will promote the creation, display and exchange of women's handicrafts in the two places, to increase their incomes.


International students are attracted by wheat stalk paintings. [Photo/Visual Xi'an]

Editor: Li Shimeng