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Lesaffre confident in future cooperation between China and France

Updated: April 7, 2023 Source: China Daily
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Jérôme Vanachter, president of Lesaffre Greater China. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

French company Lesaffre is confident in the future cooperation between China and France, said Jérôme Vanachter, president of Lesaffre Greater China.

China and France both have independent long histories, and their cuisines are renowned. Lesaffre is proud to build a bridge for the exchange of food culture between the two countries.

"We are introducing advanced fermentation technology to China, taking every opportunity to showcase the world and China's food culture, and bringing Chinese baking talent to the international stage," Vanachter said.

Lesaffre has constantly felt the improvement of the business environment in China and has continuously increased our investment in the Chinese market.

From the establishment of the first production base in 1999 to the current four major production bases (six factories) and four baking centers, the company has seen the continuous opening of China.

An increasingly open China is a hot spot for all foreign investments, Vanachter said, referring to how the company has signed contracts with the Chinese government at the China International Import Expo several times to expand their factories, increase production lines and develop projects.

As a direct beneficiary, Lesaffre has always appreciated the efforts of China in building a favorable business environment.

The Chinese government has consistently taken steps to provide facilitation measures for the cross-border pooling of funds, tax policy services, talent introduction and cultivation, and promotion for enterprises.

"These measures really helped us effectively solve some of the most difficult and painful problems. Moreover, we are also impressed by the efficient cooperation between all levels of government", Vanachter said.

The China digital eco-system is a chance for developing online business which helps the company to accelerate their own digital transformation. Lesaffre has conducted livestreams and sales operations on well-known e-commerce platforms in China, and the company's 2C (to consumers) products are increasingly popular among Chinese consumers.

"We explore fashionable recipes and expend the market for traditional foods and local ingredients from China. We are also committed to assisting vocational training education in China, which has contributed to China's rural revitalization," Vanachter said.

The Chinese path to modernization is in line with China's national conditions and development direction. It will bring about common prosperity for the people and harmonious development between humans and nature.

"This will not only further expand the Chinese market but also promote a healthy, sustainable and open economic state. For foreign-funded enterprises, there will be broader development space and they will be more willing to increase their investment here. We believe that we can also contribute to the Chinese path to modernization," Vanachter said.

Editor: Tian Shenyoujia