Guangzhou pushes ahead with Made in China 2025

Guangzhou will step up its efforts in building a leading demonstration city for the national Made in China 2025 strategy, with the support and guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said Zhang Xiaobo, director of industry and information technology commission of Guangzhou on Aug 2.

Zhang said Guangzhou will facilitate the development of the new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence and biological medicine, or known as IAB, improve industrial quality and efficiency, and set up a new system of industrial parks.

Guangzhou, boasting a solid foundation of manufacturing and innovative development, became a demonstration city for Made in China 2025 in April, the first among first-tier cities in China, in a bid to stimulate its real economy.

Zhang said by 2019, with arduous efforts, Guangzhou will become an innovation base for high-end equipment manufacturing, a model area integrating intelligent manufacturing and services, and a crucial pivot for the Belt and Road Initiative.

Li Danrong, deputy inspector of industry and information technology commission of Guangzhou, said he is eager to accelerate the development of the real economy, especially the manufacturing sector in Guangzhou, as it needs to improve its modern industrial structure and set up more innovation centers.

"We will also work to help manufacturing enterprises reduce their costs by about 15 billion yuan (US$2.22 billion) annually," Li said.

Editor: lishen
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