Kenyans hail Chinese products amid rising popularity

TECNO executives in Kenya and guests attending the launching event of the newest TECNO smartphones pose for photos in Nairobi, Kenya, on June 20, 2022. (Provided by TECNO)

A cross-section of Kenyans have hailed Chinese products as transformative in their social and economic lives.

NAIROBI, June 21 (Xinhua) -- A cross-section of Kenyans have hailed Chinese products as transformative in their social and economic lives.

The rising popularity of Chinese gadgets has been fueled by their affordability and practicality in the lives of Kenyans.

The most widely available Chinese products include smartphones, television sets, speakers, household and kitchen electronics as well as computing equipment.

Martin Githinji, a Content Creator and Technology Enthusiast is a fan of Chinese products because they enable him to pursue his passion.

The 30-year-old told Xinhua on Monday during the launch of TECNO smartphones in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya that Chinese manufacturers have gained many consumers in Kenya because they offer a wide variety of essential products at different price points.

"China is the manufacturing center of the world. So most of the products that we consume, whether it's in tech, or you know, every consumer product has an origin from China," Githinji, who is a married father of two children, said.

He revealed that the Chinese have mastered their craft by developing and innovating products that even low-income households can afford.

The content creator said that the entry of Chinese products has facilitated his work as a digital content creator.

"I use a lot of Chinese products. I have been for a very long time using Oppo phones. Right now I am switching to TECNO. I have experienced Huawei phones as well," Githinji noted.

Victor Ngumo, HOD Terminal at Safaricom PLC, addresses the launching event of the newest Tecno smartphones in Nairobi, Kenya, on June 20, 2022. (Provided by TECNO)

He added that the ubiquitous presence of Chinese electronics in the Kenyan markets is also partly due to the ease of their importation from e-commerce sites.

"If you go to Alibaba and you want to get some parts for your laptop, you get them. You can also import hard disks, casings, computers, computer screens, a lot of them come from China," he said.

Moses Kemibaro, CEO of Dotsavvy which is one of Kenya's leading digital agencies, told Xinhua that Kenyans and the world at large have embraced Chinese products.

"Many people are using products that are coming out of China. So I think generally the quality of Chinese products today is very good. Globally, they are manufacturing for many, many brands," Kemibaro added.

He said that the rapid uptake of Chinese products is because they are now built to international standards.

"Generally I think, even if you look at TECNO in the last five years or so since they came to Kenya, you can say for sure that their products are extremely world-class," he added.

Kemibaro also hailed Chinese manufacturers for innovating products that offer solutions to everyday situations.

Fridah Mure, an actress, said that Chinese products are favorites for many Kenyan consumers because they are both affordable and made to high-quality standards.

"I have some kitchenware and a washing machine that is made in China which have helped me a lot," Mure added.

Anthony Brian Otieno, Product Manager at TECNO, said Chinese products remain popular in Kenya because they are designed to offer solutions to local consumers.

Otieno said that in addition, Chinese firms such as TECNO have also transferred a lot of their technology to Kenya from China.

"Right now, we are able to even do some assemblies of our devices," he added.

Editor: Su Dan
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