E. China Jiangsu inks tourism agreement under B&R with Armenia

East China's Jiangsu Province has recently signed a cooperation agreement with the Armenian National Committee for Tourism to jointly promote international development of the tourism industries in Jiangsu and Armenia.

It is the first tourism cooperation agreement signed by Tourism Administration of Jiangsu Province with the countries along the Belt and Road routes.

Under the plan, China's Jiangsu and Armenia will consider each other as tourist destinations and tourist sources and actively promote exchanges between the residents of the two places. They will use their respective channels to provide support and assistance for each other in terms of tourism development experience sharing, tourism market development, tourism information sharing, and launch of festive events. They will also encourage their tourism industries to strengthen mutual investment, and promote exchanges of the non-profit organizations.

Officials of the Tourism Administration of Jiangsu Province said that with the signing of the agreement, the influence of Jiangsu in countries along the Belt and Road routes will be effectively increased.

Editor: 曹家宁
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