China Silk Corporation

China Silk Corporation (CSC) is a large state-owned enterprise under the supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). Established in 1946, CSC mainly deals with trades on silk, petrochemicals, new materials and other businesses. It currently owns 26 subsidiaries, about 40 domestic shareholding enterprises, 4 overseas trading organizations and nearly 2000 employees. Since its founding, CSC has made great contributions for Chinese silk industry, and created considerable economic and social benefits. In recent years, based on consolidation, adjustment and promotion of traditional businesses, CSC has been carrying on reform and innovation and has drawn up and carried out new strategies for rapid transformation to industrial management.

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CSC has undergone three historical stages:

I. First stge(1946-1992)
The predecessor was founded in 1946 and located in Shanghai by the Agricultural Department and Economic Department of the National Government. It is renamed as China Silk Company and moved to Beijing from Shanghai in 1953 and directly led by the Minister of Foreign Trade(Minister of Commerce), mainly dealing with the purchase and sale, import and export of silk of the whole nation. China Silk Company was renamed as China National Silk Import & Export Corporation in 1987.

II. Second stage(1992-1999)As the nation was in a transition from its planned economy system to market economy system, China National Silk Import & Export Corporation (CNSIEC) transformed from a management-type enterprise to an operation-type one. Except from managing the silk industry, CNSIEC took developing self-operated business as its main task. It established a number of subsidiaries and its overseas subsidiaries also transformed the focus on developing self-operated business. CNSIEC was seperated from the Minister of Foreign Trade(Minister of Commerce) and led by the Central Enterprise Work Committee.

III. Third stage (2000-)
Since the year of 2000, CNSIEC has transformed to a main body of market competition which is self-operated and responsible for its own profits and losses. It no longer undertakes the responsibility of management of the silk industry, but it still undertakes some affairs arranged by the government. Since the year of 2003, CNSIEC has been supervised by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) . On Apr. 9th 2012, approved by SASAC, it was renamed as China Silk Corporation .

Editor: Li Jing