China Architecture Design & Research Group

China Architecture Design & Research Group (CAG) is a large high-tech state owned enterprise grouped in April 2000. Merged with the Architecture Design Institute Ministry of Construction, the China Building Technology Development Center, the North China Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute and the China Urban Construction & Research Institute, the original body was the Central Design Company established on 1952. 

CAG is among the first group who has set up its reputation in the international building construction market after the open policy being carried out in China and it is among the early group of design institutes that have obtained permission of managing foreign trade and import/export qualification from the concerning authorities. On November 2000, the Group passed the ISO9001 certification exam. 

The Group has over 4,000 staffs and boasts of 2 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 8 national design masters, 90 some experts who enjoy the government subsidy that were approved by the State Council, 240 some class A registered architects, over 210 class A registered structure engineers, over 40 class A registered urban planners, 30 some class A registered quantity surveyors, over 50 class A registered consulting engineers, 50 class A registered supervision engineers, 180 class A registered mechanical engineers, 80 class A registered electrical engineers, 10 other registered engineers, around 1100 senior designers and researchers, 900 some medium titled technical staffs. 

CAG’s main business scope includes the project consultation, planning, design, project management, project supervision, project general contracting, specialized contract,environmental assessment and energy saving assessment etc. that covers the whole process of the fixed assets investment. Its main business scope covers: architecture design and consultation; urban and town planning; municipal engineering comprehensive design; urban gas and industrial gas design; sewage and garbage disposal; road and bridge design; building intelligence and systems design; building standardization design; landscape design; project supervision; project general contracting; residential projects study; research works concerning building standardization, scien-tech information, architectural history, building economy and other above mentioned items. The Group has now set up its business structure that integrates building design, urban planning, municipal engineering, building standardization, construction information, project consultation, interior decoration, landscape and gardening and housing research/development as its chained businesses.

Over the past 55 years, CAG has completed state important projects as the Beijing Railway Station, China Art Gallery, Beijing National Library, Beijing International Hotel, Shenzhen Gymnasium, Office Building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of P.R. China, Beijing Wanquan Legacy Homes, Huzhou East Bai Yu Tan Community, Beijing Gas Plant Expansion, Beijing National Main Stadium for 2008 Olympic Games, Xizhimen Traffic Hub, Capital Museum, China Trade Center in Moscow, Forbidden City Protection, Great Wall Protection, Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes Conservation, Project to Divert Water from Luan River to Tianjin, Project of Transmit Natural Gas from West to East, Project of Divert Water from South to North and the Environmental Protection Study of Three Gorges Hydro Project Area on Yangtze River etc.. From 1986 to 2006, CAG has been awarded with 461 design prizes, including 8 international, 68 national prizes, 324 provincial and ministry level ones.

Some important state level centers, labs, bases, such as the “China National Engineering Research Center for Human Settlements,” the “NERC for Urban Water and Wastewater,” the “National Center of Testing and Supervision for Gas Appliances,” the “City Gas Technical Development Center of the Ministry of Construction,” the “Quality Testing and Supervision Center for Equipment of Water and Wastewater Engineering of the Ministry of Construction,” the “Environmental Sanitary Engineering Technical Research Center of the Ministry of Construction”,the “Environmental Sanitary Engineering Technical Promotion Office of the Ministry of Construction”, “Key Scientific Research Base of the Conservation Planning for Cultural Heritage of the State Administration for Cultural Heritage” and the “National House Applicants Testing Lab” are all stationed in the Group.

CAG has directed or completed a batch of important national and ministerial level science development programs and projects of technology researches. The Group has active contributions on fundamental, policy researches, national and local standards and codes compiling, protection of national cultural heritages, promoting techniques and results of scientific research into production, and on professional techniques progress and creativity etc. From 1986 to 2006, CAG has won 309 scientific research prizes, including 22 national prizes, 124 provincial and ministry level ones.

CAG is now improving its professional reforms. While maintaining advantages of professional design institutes we have further established a project oriented managing system. It has a Design Business Managing Center and appointed a group of design project directors; some celebrities’ studios and discipline research studios have also been set up. That have gradually improved the professional reform and further strengthening the core competitive edge. We will follow the company’s spirit of “loyalty, contributive and creative”, be in pursuit of its practice principle of “manage in scientific ways, provide dedicated services, painstakingly in design and maintain the best quality of the design services”, and keep the work philosophy of “creating best design based on quality, obtaining benefit from management, winning the market from services and developing from creativity”. 

CAG will make full use of its comprehensive advantages in design, scien-research, human resources and tech-know-how, active in developing a even broader market, cooperate with friends nationally and internationally and provide high efficiency, best quality services to all our clients. 

Editor: Li Jing