China National Administration of Coal Geology

China National Administration of Coal Geology is a geological exploration unit under the government of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. Since its establishment in 1953, from a single coalfield geological exploration unit at the beginning, China National Administration of Coal Geology has become a multi-specialty comprehensive geological exploration team covering the exploration, assessment and development of coal and chemical mineral resources, hydrogeology, engineering geology, environmental geology, geological disaster, aerial mapping, space remote sensing, geographic information, building construction, mine geological service, equipment manufacturing and travel service etc. At present, China National Administration of Coal Geology is the first-rate central geological exploration unit in China with the largest scale, the wide range of business, the best exploration ability and the most complete qualifications.

In more than 60 years, China National Administration of Coal Geology has successively completed four times of national coal resources prediction and investigated more than twenty kinds of necessary mineral resources, such as coal, phosphor, sulfur, boron, potassium, iron and so on. Till now, it has explored more than one trillion tons of coal resource accounting for more than 90% of the proven reserve in China as well as more than ten billion tons of chemical mineral resource, such as phosphor, sulfur and potassium. More than ten thousand pieces of various geological report has been submitted. It has successively discovered more than 100 large or super large coalfields, such as Jungar coalfield, Yanzhou coalfield and Shenfu coalfield. It has also set up nearly 100 medium to large chemical mines, such as Qinghai potassium mines, Kunyang mine in Yunnan and Kaiyang mine in Guizhou. In addition, it has provided water resource for dozens of mining area, such as Zhunger coalfield, Lu’an coalfield and Jincheng coalfield and set up the mine water supply and control technology system in various hydrogeological conditions.

China National Administration of Coal Geology has collected the geological data of all coal fields and chemical mineral resources in our country. It has successively formulated more than ten pieces of industry standards and compiled and published dozens of monographs, such as “Coal Geology of China”, “Prediction and Evaluation of Coal Resources in China”, “Coalbed Methane Resources of China”, and “Theory of Coal Geology Comprehensive Exploration and New Technology System in China”. It has organized and accomplished hundreds of state level and provincial level research projects, more than 40 of which has won the State Science and Technology Progress Awards and Awards in Chinese Science Conference.

Since the new century, China National Administration of Coal Geology have been endeavored in the exploration and development of clean energy. It accomplished the first batch of coalbed methane parameter evaluation wells. According to its prediction, the CBM reserves in our country amounts to 35 trillion m3. It has also taken part in the research and development of geothermal energy, shale gas, gas hydrate and coal-uranium joint exploration. Meanwhile, it actively moves forward to the exploration of oil, rock salt, metal and nonmetal mineral resources. In the field of resource exploration, foundation work, aerial survey and remote sensing, rare earth smelting and hotel and tourism, a batch of famous brands are formed, including “Changjiang Exploration”, “Jiangnan Foundation Engineering”, “Jinshi Pengyuan”, “Aerial Survey and Remote Sensing Bureau” and “Huachen”.

In recent years, while ensuring the national energy supply, China National Administration of Coal Geology also carry out the strategy of "going abroad". It has contracted lots of international projects covering resources exploration, spatial mapping, coalbed methane appraisal and development of geographic information system in the United States, European Union, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, Mongolia and other countries and regions in Africa and Middle East. It wins a good international reputation by sophisticated technology and high-quality service.

China National Administration of Coal Geology will continue to insist on the principle of scientific development, market-oriented and customer focus to build a mining and energy group with core competitiveness. We will work hard and forge ahead to make new great contribution to the social and economic development.

Editor: Li Jing