FHS sintering project 

    As one of the important sub-projects of a new 10-million-ton integrated iron and steel plant invested in Vietnam by Formosa Plastics Group, FHS' benchmarking sintering project is the first super-huge general contract project of metallurgical sintering constructed in Southeast Asia by a Chinese company.  Adopting the EP (design-procurement) contracting model, the CIE takes the overall responsibility for factory design, main equipment supply, training, etc. 

    One of the two sintering machines went into operation on April 19, 2016, and the other is scheduled to begin production in 2017.

    The project boasts a large scale, high equipment technical level and excellent indicators on energy conservation and environmental protection. As limonite is the main iron raw material used in sintering, the sintering material is preheated before ignition; thick layer sintering technique is adopted to improve quality of sintering; recovery of waste heat is adopted for hot exhaust caused by circular cooler transformation to save energy and protect environment. The project adopts dozens of patents and proprietary technologies with fully independent intellectual property rights owned by the CIE. Many of them, such as the  L2 sintering integrated control expert system, liquid sealing ring cooler, wrapping connector driving and segregation distribution, have reached advanced world levels in quality and performance.