ECU911 System in Ecuador

  CEIEC, a subsidiary company of CEC, debuted in Ecuador in May 2011, rolling out the construction of city-security system, ECU911, which contains 16 control centers in three levels: national, regional and provincial. The ECU911 system was certificated by European Emergency Number Association in 2016, and became the first EENA-certificated security system in Latin America and the fifth in the world.

  The ECU911 system integrates resources from different government departments and uses the single hotline 911 for all emergencies in Ecuador. It significantly improved the efficiency of dealing with emergencies. This system deploys the rescue resource within 3 minutes for more than 87% of the cases and places rescue units to the site of accident within 10 minutes upon receiving the call.

  The establishment and operation of the ECU911 System has greatly improved the social security situation in Ecuador. Since the establishment of the system in 2012, the emergency cases handled by ECU911 have annually increased over 10%, which shows the rising public awareness of the system. According to the statistics of July 2016, the number of vicious crimes handled by the ECU911 dropped by 23% compared to the same period in 2015. The monitoring function of the ECU911 System has played an important role in this improvement. Ecuador President Rafael Correa Delgado has made very positive comments on different occasions about the ECU911 System.

  On November 18, 2016, during his state visit to Ecuador, President Xi Jinping made a special visit to the national command and control center of ECU911 System in Quito. President Xi gave a high evaluation to ECU911 for its technology level and social impact. He also praised ECU911 as an important project of the Sino-Latin American economic and trade cooperation, especially in the high-tech field.