PKM project (Sukkur to Multan section)

  PKM project (Sukkur to Multan section) is 392 km. The construction period is 36 months and it will be built into a two-way six lane motorway with a design speed of 120 km/h. The total amount of project is 294.3 billion rupees (US$2.89 billion) and it is the biggest transportation infrastructure under the program of CPEC as well as one of initially commenced key projects of the Belt and Road Initiative. Both China and Pakistan governments pay high attention to the project highly and take it as an Early Harvest Project of CPEC. Moreover, it is a prioritized project which will be pushed forward under the frame of CPEC Council. The project is designed and constructed by CSCEC (China State Construction Engineering Corporation), and sponsored by the Export and Import Bank of China.

  Starting at Karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan in the south, the project passes through Lahore, the second biggest city of Pakistan, and to the city of Peshawar in the northwest. The Sukker-Multan section, which is executed by CSCEC, passes through the two major economic provinces in Pakistan.. It will tremendously improve transportation conditions of Pakistan. Meanwhile, it not only promotes the economic & social development of the areas along the expressway, but also benefits all other areas in Pakistan. Furthermore, it will play a positive role in facilitating mutual communication between China and Pakistan.