CEEC's Wassit Project in Iraq

    Wassit power plant is the largest fuel oil generator unit in Iraq and it is also the largest project of the Tianjin Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. of China Energy Engineering Corporation (CEEC-TEPC) at that time. CEEC-TEPC was determined to make Wassit project an excellent overseas project. The first staff of Wassit project was gathered in Tianjin on September of 2011, and worked in Iraq for four years. They overcame numerous difficulties, such as political turmoil, unaccustomed climate, language communication barrier and difference of management standard. The No.5 and No.6 unit had been completed and handed over to the owner eight months ahead of schedule, which was highly appreciated by Iraqi Ministry of Electric Power.

    Since the day Wassit Project Department established, it has studied cost control and designed construction plan according to management structure. More than 120 innovations in operation have been implemented.

    To meet the requirement of construction, the project department has organized 12 specific trainings to local workers to improve their skills  and established a skill assessment center for local employees in 2012. By 2015, about 200 Iraqi workers had passed the medium-level assessment. More than 500 Iraqi workers have worked for the project for a long time. In construction peak, more than 1,200 Iraqi employees work at the construction site.

    During the construction of Wassit project, Chinese staff visited local primary schools, bringing students bags and other stationery and encouraging them to study hard and make their country rich and strong. 

    The Chinese staff also fully respect the belief of local people and give them bonus in major Islamic festivals.

    80% of the power generated by the Wassit Power Plant will be sent to Baghdad to support its economic construction. In the near future, Iraq will embrace a golden time of development. CEEC -TEPC has established branch office in Iraq to strengthen and maintain the relationship with local clients, with Iraqi Ministry of Electric Power, Ministry of Municipal, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development as well as Chinese Embassy in Iraq. At present, TEPC has won the bids for projects of backup power plant, oil tank station, airport pavement and cement plant.