Toromocho Copper Mine Project

  Peru, with substantial deposit of copper, holds world's third largest reserve of it. The Toromocho project is developed and constructed by Aluminum Corporation of China(CHINALCO).

  Minera Chinalco Perú S.A(MCP)'s Toromocho copper mine is situated in Yauli Province, Junin Region of Peru,140 kilometers away from Peru's capital Lima, and its altitude is around 4500-4900 meters. The mine has 1.53 billion tons of copper ore and 15 million  tons of copper equivalent with an investment of US$3.8 billion. This mine's designed service life is about 36 years, and its ore processing capability is 117,200 tons per day. When reaching its designed capacity, the mine's annual copper output is 220,000 tons. The project was put in commercial operation in  June 2015.

  In 2006, in accordance with the Peruvian government's requirement, the MCP's predecessor Peru Copper Inc. was committed to building the Kingsmill Water Treatment Plant before developing the project, so as to solve the problem of local water pollution since long time ago.

  CHINALCO paid high attention to the Toromocho project's implementation after completing the acquisition, and promised the Peruvian government that it would fulfill Peru Copper Inc.'s duty of developing the water treatment plant. CHINALCO invested more than US$50 million on the design, construction and development of the plant with world-class advanced technology, and construction of the plant was completed in April 2010.

  On April 27, 2010, the plant began trial run and was put into official operation quickly. The plant has fundamentally solved the problem of water pollution which has existed for more than 70 years for 900,000 local people, benefiting the local community and future generations.

  The Toromocho copper mine is situated in the town of Morococha, a traditional mining town, and the residents are mainly miners and their relatives. It is a town with a high altitude and harsh living conditions. In order to improve local people's living condition and meet the needs for the copper mine's construction, CHINALCO was committed to investing at least US$50 million to build a new town. At the end of 2008, CHINALCO purchased the land to construct the new town. On  April 27, 2010, the foundation stone laying ceremony of the new town was held.  

  In the year of 2012, construction of the new town was completed and residents successfully relocated. This town became the first modern town in South America that greatly improved local people's living condition.

  CHINALCO has held a series of public interest activities since it acquired Toromocho. The company sponsored Morococha's  firework event in celebration of its 100th anniversary as a town, organized nutritious breakfast activities for local children, arranged for health and nutrition lectures for women, helped local residents promote highland agriculture planting technology, and helped people to learn more about the water treatment plant. All these activities got very good effects.