Ports in Portugal can serve as important junctions of Belt and Road

Portugal and China can share information in such areas as marine scientific research, marine exploitation, and marine protection.


Belt and Road Initiative aims to achieve mutual benefits for all: Omani officials

The initiative is an ambitious one launched in 2013 to provide bridges of trade and civilization cooperation between China and the rest of the world.


Belt and Road a vehicle to realize common growth

Inspired by and modeled on the ancient Silk Road, the Beijing-proposed initiative is meant to bring countries together again via infrastructure and trade links.


China-Argentina coaction is not 'debt-trap diplomacy'

The railway is more economical than road or air transport, so it will enhance Argentina-made products' competitiveness in the global market.


Latin America benefits from dividends of Belt and Road

It is working with Latin American countries to build logistics, electricity and information pathways. This is not as a means to pursue geopolitical competition, but rather as a way to realize shared ...