Chinese initiative to support Africa's development

The initiative is not only in favor of the independent development of African countries, but also generates opportunities for Chinese companies to take part in the African modernization process.


China's development offers growth opportunities amid protectionist trend: Bangladeshi expert

Regarding the Belt and Road Initiative, the expert said it not only talks about trade and investment, but also about connectivity.


Progress on BCIM may change India's attitude

The most important potential and foundation of the BCIM is based on the value concept of win-win cooperation. To break through any bottlenecks, it is imperative to persuade the Indian side to overcom...


Belt and Road Initiative to benefit all

Over the past five years, China has put forward the Belt and Road Initiative for greater connectivity among countries, economies and regions, and launched fruitful cooperation with many countries eff...


Argentina eyes Shanghai import expo for great opportunities

Wagner hopes that the four star Argentine products in China, namely meat, poultry, fish and wine, can lead the Chinese people to fall in love with more products from Argentina.