Guest Opinion: China injects new momentum into multi-polar globalization

A mainstream view thinks that globalization started with the Age of Exploration in the 15th century. However, American historian Prof. Valerie Hansen at Yale University said in a public dialogue that...


GLOBALink | China's consumption boom in Spring Festival positive for world economy: Turkish experts

Turkish experts said that the consumption boom during Chinese New Year holiday reflects the dynamism of the Chinese economy and is important to the world economic recovery.


Interview: Mexico's Yucatan keen to boost exchanges with China through tourism, official says

The southeastern Mexican state of Yucatan is looking to boost cultural and trade exchanges with Chinese counterparts to attract Chinese tourists, a local official has said.


China's COVID-19 policy to help restore global supply chains: Ghanaian expert

The lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in China will contribute to the restoration of global supply chains, a Ghanaian expert has said.


GLOBALink | China taking lead in reproductive, maternal health: UNFPA head

China plays a crucial role in improving reproductive and maternal health worldwide and in sharing data for development information, said Natalia Kanem, executive director of the United Nations Popula...