Supporting Innovation: Serving High-level Self-reliance and Improvement of Science & Technology

CDB regards supporting the construction of a strong manufacturing and sci-tech country as an important direction of serving national strategies. Being a major bank for mid- and long-term investment and financing, CDB actively supports enterprises' sci-tech R&D and industrialization, advanced production capacity building, green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, etc., boosts breakthroughs of core technologies, drives high-quality development of "specialized, characteristic and innovative" SMEs and provides capital to speed up construction of major industrial projects, thus making positive contributions to serving the high-level sci-tech self-reliance and improvement.

In 2021, CDB set up and made full use of special loans for sci-tech innovation and basic research to concentrate on supporting basic research, applied research and transformation and application of sci-tech research results during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, and formulated the Work Plan on Supporting Development of Key Industries by Development Financing to optimize the industrial layout, consolidate the strength of industry chain and supply chain, and enlarge financing to manufacturing industry to improve its core competitiveness.

Editor: Duan Jing