Deeply-rooted Green Philosophy: Boosting Green Development via Green Finance

CDB actively implements the green development philosophy, focuses on the targets of peaking carbon emissions and carbon neutrality and the tough battle against pollution, cranks up support to key projects related to clean energy, green urban-rural construction, green transportation, industrial transformation for energy conservation and environmental protection, integrated protection and restoration of mountains, waters, forests, farmlands, lakes, grasslands and deserts, construction of environment infrastructure, and pollution prevention and control, and thus contributes to building a beautiful China.

In 2021, CDB established a work mechanism to serve green, low-carbon and circular development by providing development financial services, and published the Action Plan on Implementing Green and Low-carbon Strategy to Support Peaking Carbon Emissions and Carbon Neutrality that clarifies the key areas, action path and action system of serving peaking carbon emissions and carbon neutrality goals so as to establish institutional mechanisms and policy systems combining the goals with the development of green and low-carbon businesses.

The bank organized the special financial service to provide 100 billion yuan of credits to help counties or districts with waste and sewage treatment. The activity supports construction of waste and sewage treatment facilities and supporting systems that serve counties or districts and rural areas, with more than 200 counties or districts covered, strengthening the improvement of the weak part of green infrastructure construction and boosting mutual promotion of urbanization and rural vitalization, and equalization and coordinated development of urban-rural basic public services as well.

CDB released the Work Plan on Supporting the Energy Sector to Realize the Strategic Targets of Peaking Carbon Emissions and Carbon Neutrality that aims to accelerate the development of new energy, advance the construction of major clean energy projects, serve the development of ecological carbon sink, and support the precise improvement of national reserve forests, large-scale land greening and forests in quality, and construction of park cities.

Editor: Duan Jing