Astana Expo's theme highly compatible with green Silk Road concept

"Future Energy,"  the theme of the Astana Expo 2017, conforms to the green, healthy and sustainable development trend of world economy and is highly compatible with China's proposal of building a green Silk Road, says Wang Jinzhen, government representative of the China Pavilion at the expo.

Wang, who is also vice-chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said, "As a major producer and consumer of energy, China is actively advancing the transformation of energy production and consumption modes, and takes the Belt and Road Initiative as an opportunity to promote connectivity of energy infrastructure. "

The Astana World Expo 2017, scheduled for June 10 to September 10, welcomes 115 countries and 22 international organizations. It focuses mainly on development and utilization of new energy and energy cooperation in the future.

The Astana Expo is an important platform to promote construction of the Belt and Road, as what it calls for share the same core with the Silk Road spirits, Wang added.

The China Pavilion, themed "Future Energy, Green Silk Road," showcases China’s proposal and vision on the future energy development.

The pavilion shows China's technology, culture and wisdom, and is expected to become a platform for China and other countries to share experience in energy utilization, protection and development.

According to Wang, 23 Chinese provincial-level regions will organize their energy-related activities at the China Pavilion during the expo. Some large State-owned energy enterprises, such as the State Grid Corporation of China, China General Nuclear Power Corporation and China National Petroleum Corporation, will host theme day activities at the pavilion.

During the expo, more than 100 events, including press conferences, biz-matching activities and promotions, will be held at the pavilion, so as to form platforms for regional and industrial exchanges and cooperation. .

There will be Terra Cotta Warriors cultural relics exhibition and art performances, intangible cultural heritage shows and other cultural exchange activities to better introduce China to the world, Wang said.

The China-Kazakhstan Energy Cooperation Forum, a tourism cooperation forum and the Entrepreneur Council meeting will also be held.

"Kazakhstan, the host country of the expo, is an important country on the Belt and Road routes and China's friendly neighbor. Chinese and Kazakhstan enterprises have carried out a large number of cooperation projects over the past years. Based on economic complementarity, the two sides will further deepen cooperation," Wang said.

The expo, which is focused on energy development, brings great potential for cooperation between China and countries along the Belt and Road, Wang noted. 

Editor: zhangjunmian