BRICS' synergy with Belt and Road Initiative

The 9th BRICS Summit in Xiamen, east China's Fujian Province from September 4 to 5 witnessed the implementation of the "BRICS+" proposal made by China. More countries are invited to attend the summit, making it an important communication and cooperation platform for developing countries and emerging economies.

The participation of the leaders of Egypt, Mexico, Thailand, Tajikistan and Guinea in the summit also provides a good opportunity for synergy between BRICS and the Belt and Road Initiative, experts say.

Russian President Vladimir Putin supports the complementarity between the Eurasian Economic Union and the Belt and Road Initiative; South African President Jacob Zuma hopes the Initiative can accelerate his country's industrialization and Brazilian President Michel Temer said the Initiative is in line with Brazil's current development needs, especially in regard to infrastructure construction.

Although China's economy has surpassed the other four members of the BRICS bloc combined, China is willing to share its development premiums with them and the other developing countries. An important way is to form an extensive partnership network. BRICS and the Belt and Road Initiative are both striving in the same direction.

Experts say the synergy between the BRICS and the Initiative is in line with the common interests of the international community.

Editor: zhangjunmian