Interview: China-Zambia cultural exchange beneficial to Zambian youths

MANYINGA, Zambia, Nov. 27 (Xinhua) -- Zambian youths have gained knowledge in art and cultural management trainings during the China-Zambia Year of Culture in 2019, a Zambian artist has said, calling for more cultural exchange programs.

Richard Mwanza, who is Benecho Arts and Culture administrative manager said over 80 young people have been trained in China in art and cultural management.

"We used to have exchange programs, where our cultural groups could travel to China under the Ministry of Tourism and Art, the program has been beneficial to the Zambian youths who are occupied in arts," he said.

Speaking in a recent interview, Mwanza was quick to say that art and cultural management is key in the promotion of tourism and arts in Zambia.

China and Zambia held the Year of Culture in 2019.

Mwanza said there is need for the two countries to consider coming up with another year of cultural exchange programme for a win-win situation for the two peoples.

He is optimistic that the enhanced cooperation between the two countries will continue to promote the arts in both countries.

Editor: Duan Jing