Jiangxi releases key projects list for participating in Belt and Road construction

East China's Jiangxi Province had released a list of key projects to participate in the construction of Belt and Road in 2018. The list included 64 items with a total amount of 19.5 billion U.S. dollars.

The move aims to actively encourage enterprises in Jiangxi Province to participate in the construction of Belt and Road, and promote the construction of external cooperation projects.

The project in Jiangxi Province includes 29 infrastructure construction projects including the Nanchang-Ganzhou Railway Construction Project, and 15 industrial investment projects, including the cooperation project with the Ukrainian helicopter company DB Aerocopter, and 7 overseas cooperative park projects such as Jiangxi (Malaysia) Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Industrial Park, and 13 cultural exchange and cooperation projects.

Jiangxi province will strengthen overall planning when promoting the construction of key Belt and Road projects, enhance the supervision of foreign investment projects, and urge the project administrators to speed up the improvement of relevant procedures. At the same time, relevant financial and insurance institutions should strengthen projects security, continue to promote financing channels and financial business innovation, and give priority support to projects included in the list in terms of project financing and interest rate concessions on the premise of legal compliance.

Editor: 曹家宁