B&R by the Numbers: Chinese enterprises key players in B&R projects

Editor’s Note: This is the sixth installment of Belt and Road Portal's special series on the Belt and Road Big Data Report 2017.

Chinese enterprises constitute the main force in undertaking the Belt and Road projects, and the Belt and Road Initiative creates rare historical opportunities for the Chinese enterprises to go out, a report says.

According to the Belt and Road Big Data Report 2017 published by the State Information Center, among the top 50 Chinese enterprises, in terms of their influence and involvement in projects related to the Initiative, 42 percent are private, 36 percent are state-owned enterprises administrated by the central government, 20 percent are SOEs under the administration of local governments, and the remaining 2 percent are joint ventures.

Statistics from China’s Ministry of Commerce shows that the number of project contracts Chinese enterprises inked last year in the countries along the Belt and Road routes doubled compared to 2015.

Among the top 50 enterprises taking part in the Initiative among the provincial regions in China, most came from Beijing, Guangdong and Shanghai.

The report points out that five of the top 50 enterprises are from information technology sector. Their participation into the Initiative enhances the reputation and influence of the Chinese brands and products.

Editor: liuyue