Diplomatic envoys explore Chongqing's dynamic blend

Updated: May 21, 2024 Source: iChongqing
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To enhance cooperation and foster exchanges between Chongqing and the Belt and Road partner countries, the "China, An Opportunity: Chongqing Brands Global Promotion" Diplomatic Envoys' Trip to Chongqing is scheduled from May 16 to 19. On May 16, envoys from various countries convened in Chongqing to initiate a series of cultural and economic cooperation activities. This visit was designed to bolster international communication, presenting Chongqing as a cosmopolitan city with unique allure and substantial growth potential.


Envoys participated in the launch ceremony of the "Land-Sea Ambassadors Program." (Photo/Zhao Guogan)

Upon arriving this morning at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, envoys received a warm reception and proceeded to check into the Wyndham Chongqing Yuelai. Their itinerary included a visit to the Changan Automobile Global R&D Strength, where they observed Chongqing's latest advancements in new energy vehicle technologies and explored advanced autonomous and intelligent vehicle technologies.

The Ambassador of Honduras to China, Moncada Seidner Salvador Enrique, along with his sister, shared their enthusiasm for the test drive. Ambassador Moncada commented, "One of the cars can be converted into a pickup truck, serve as a normal car, and also operate as a four-wheel drive vehicle; it is everything in one term." Meanwhile, Stephan Grabherr, Minister at the Embassy of Germany in China, noted, "China is a vast market with 1.4 billion people, and the electric vehicle market in Germany and Europe is sizable as well. Robust market demand is advantageous for businesses."

In the afternoon, the delegation explored Shancheng Alley, known for its historic architecture and distinctive streets, which allowed them to appreciate the seamless integration of Chongqing's traditional culture with modern development. They also enjoyed a traditional Sichuan Opera face-changing performance. The Ambassador of Nicaragua to China, Michael Rene Campbell Hooker, expressed appreciation for the performers' exceptional skills and professionalism, describing the experience as remarkable and stating, "It's amazing to see such a talent!"

Envoys subsequently visited the Chongqing Planning Exhibition Gallery. The comprehensive exhibits provided envoys with an in-depth view of Chongqing's future urban planning and development strategies. During their visit, the envoys participated in the launch ceremony of the "Land-Sea Ambassadors Program," where young ambassadors adeptly promoted Chongqing's distinctive brand to the global audience with fluent bilingual presentations in both Chinese and English.


Envoys learned about Chongqing at the Chongqing Planning Exhibition Gallery. (Photo/Zhao Guogan)

In the evening, envoys embarked on a Yangtze River Cruise for an elaborate welcome dinner. Post-dinner, they relished a cruise to admire Chongqing's brilliantly illuminated nightscapes. Iconic landmarks like the Huguang Guild Hall, the Chongqing Yangtze River Bridge, and the Chaotianmen Bridge looked especially stunning against the night sky. Khalil Ur Rahman Hashmi, the Ambassador of Pakistan to China, remarked on his first visit to Chongqing, expressing amazement at the city's nighttime beauty. Jelena Nikolic, Minister Counsellor at the Embassy of Serbia in China, observed the stark contrast between Chongqing's day and night appearances, appreciating how the city harmoniously blends its ancient and modern architectures, and highlighting the beauty of its bridges.


Envoys enjoyed Chongqing's night skyline on a Yangtze River Cruise. (Photo/Zhao Guogan)

Through a rich tapestry of events, the "China, An Opportunity: Chongqing Brands Global Promotion" Diplomatic Envoys' Trip to Chongqing not only demonstrated Chongqing’s vibrant culture and dynamism to the international community but also reinforced diverse exchanges and collaborations with various countries. This visit undoubtedly deepened the mutual understanding and fostered friendly relations between the participating nations and Chongqing.

(Li Tao, Han Bing, Dong Hanying, and Han Xi, as interns, also contributed to this report.)

Editor: Yu Huichen