Donation to Giant Panda Conservation Project in Finland

Updated: March 25, 2022 Source: China COSCO SHIPPING Corporation Limited
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Jin Baobao (Lumi) and Hua Bao (Pyry), two giant pandas living in Finland, have become popular with local people since they arrived in 2018. They were seen as "civil ambassadors" for strengthening the China-Finland relations. Unfortunately, Finland's tourism sector was severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This posed a challenge to the Ähtäri Zoo, where the two pandas reside, and there was a possibility that they might have to return to China earlier than scheduled. To ensure Finland's continued participation in the international panda conservation program, the zoo sought help from businesses. Upon knowing this, COSCO SHIPPING stepped forward to fulfill its social responsibility. In December 2021, the Group donated 300,000 Euros to the zoo to conserve Jin Baobao and Hua Bao. This act of kindness earned praise from the local community.

Editor: Yang Yifan