BRI-related service network of COSCO SHIPPING

Updated: March 25, 2022 Source: China COSCO SHIPPING Corporation Limited
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COSCO SHIPPING has actively embraced the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), upholding the development philosophy of "wide consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits" and the value concept of "mutual benefits and win-win results". It has continuously invested and expanded shipping routes, ports, and integrated logistics in the Belt and Road countries and regions, aiming to establish a comprehensive transportation corridor featuring "shipping + port + logistics". The Group is dedicated to enhancing global connectivity and promoting economic and trade development by fostering harmonious growth with the local economy.

So far, the Group has invested 64.2 billion yuan in the Belt and Road countries and regions, which includes the investment in 20 container terminals. The Group's container fleet has developed 195 liner routes connecting the BRI countries and regions, with a total shipping capacity of 2.03 million TEUs, accounting for 68 percent of the Group's total container fleet capacity. In addition, its shipping volume in the seaborne transportation of oil products and dry bulk in the BRI-related countries and regions exceeded 65 million tons (metric tons) and 40 million tons, respectively.

COSCO SHIPPING has been actively expanding its investment in Asia-Europe sea-rail intermodal transport and freight train services and strongly supporting the development of the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor to facilitate the opening-up of inland and border areas, and establish a connected and mutually beneficial pattern of trade between the inland and coastal regions, as well as between the east and west. To achieve this, the Group is actively involved in constructing the China-Europe Land-Sea Express, centered around the Port of Piraeus. It is also establishing new logistics corridors in the hinterland of Central and Eastern Europe, connecting China and Eastern Europe. In addition, the Group is increasing its investments in logistics and warehousing infrastructure projects in the Belt and Road countries and regions. It has acquired the Singaporean logistics company Cogent Holdings and invested in major logistics projects such as KTZE-Khorgos Gateway in Kazakhstan.

Editor: Yang Yifan