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BRI In My Eyes | A Decade Journey of BRI

Updated: March 20, 2024 Source: Belt and Road Portal
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A genuine initiative, One Belt and One Road,

The interwoven threads of cooperation,

…a long bridge of global bond,

An inclusive development catalyst,

…and a reducer of poverty load!

A special gift to the world,

…a brainchild of a visionary leader,

Strong foundation for connectivity,

…built by a durable heavy girder,

Since China proposed the initiative,

For this modern thought, today the world is

…grateful and highly appreciative!

Led by far-reaching and overarching,

…value of a shared future,

In many corners of the world,

…BRI laid foundation for infrastructure,

While promoting positive relationship,

…and exchanges of global diverse culture,

By enhancing capacity of developing countries,

…in all sectors including industries as well as agriculture,

It contributed much in bringing viable true options,

…to the complex global structure!

The Belt and Road by its nature, is, a unique initiative,

…that is proved by real actions and beneficial interactions,

It was in fact, wisely led by greater commitment

…and through synergetic inner passions,

In more inclusive and fairer ways,

…that takes us to our common destiny, in a more shared fashion!

Our common initiative the Belt and Road,

Highly values our planet earth,

…while working to keep the sky blue,

Enabled us protect our global common values

…that attached us together like glue.

Specially, we developing nations,

…despite challenges, benefited from the Belt and Road,

Because, we have really witnessed BRI fruits;

…as a fact of reality, not as an abstract blurred code,

Yes, we have seen that BRI projects,

…are real, tangible and broad!

That was revealed in the form of big airports,

…and as beautiful existence as large highways,

In the shape of industrial parks,

…and in the form of long regional railways,

Thus, we were highly grateful to this,

…yesterday, so thankful today, tomorrow and always!

As clearly stipulated and contained,

…in the BRI frameworks and pillars,

It served as the societies' health keeper,

…and production capacity enhancer,

Yes, for our common global challenges,

…we can find possible solutions and answers,

If we can work together in genuine cooperation,

…by trusting one another!

Guided by a true win-win partnership,

…encompassing many issues in wider ranges,

By globally promoting people to people,

…beneficial exchanges,

It reaches out in the wide scope of horizons,

…of policy coordination,

Facilitating global trade connectivity,

…among many continents and nations!

Yes, in fact, in BRI we stood by each other.

…in times of obstacles and challenge,

We supported one another in minimizing,

…impacts of the pandemic and that of climate change,

That really shown to the world,

…BRI's benefits and its values all around,

Through BRI, we worked hard yes together,

…and spoken out in common voice, clear and loud,

The witness is the strong base of togetherness,

…that we established and found on the ground!

Expanding its role in to various,

…frameworks and major platforms,

By protecting and promoting,

...our common resources and social norms,

The Belt and Road, so far has,

…given us additional energy of motivation,

By supporting development agenda

…and efforts of poverty alleviation!

Based on the Chinese deep-rooted values,

…of promoting a shared future of human kind,

In a true sense of prospering together in all-weather,

…by ensuring no one is left behind!

Learning from a decade journey of BRI,

…including how it was made and led,

Pointing out all successes and challenges,

…between the lines of green, gray and red,

Yes, it is now the right time,

…to look back once again and then move forward,

To review and revise, then to continue the journey

…making now and today our jumping spring board,

Yes, by mending the defects,

…based on self-assessing accurate yard!

Through capitalizing on our common resources,

…including civilizations of that long age,

That helps us precisely measure,

…our journey thus far and success mileage,

In evaluating the decade of BRI,

…by looking once at our back,

We have to carefully check and recheck.

…all that contained in our pack,

To that end, we need to devise new polices,

…that guide us on the right smooth track,

Through identifying the weakness we have,

…and the strength we really lack!

We should be wise and smart enough,

…in analyzing all global future trends,

We have to multiply our own partnerships,

…while working closely with real friends.

Finally, at this historical point in time,

…while wishing happy BRI 10th anniversary,

Let us all hope for the better and peaceful world,

…that is free from crisis and adversaries,

In the coming decades of generations,

…let us wish more successful common journey,

Yes, let wish and pray that…,

…our common future be filled with bright hope,

Let's wish for wealthier and healthier common globe,

The globe in which fairness and togetherness prevails,

…the world in which inclusive development never stops!

Editor's Note: The poem is written by Tesfaye Messele Worku from Ethiopia in celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The writer is an MBA graduate of 2023 from the Emerging Market Institute, Belt and Road School, Beijing Normal University.  

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the positions of Belt and Road Portal. 

Editor: Tian Shenyoujia