Roundup: Chinese designs gaining popularity in Milan

Updated: April 19, 2024 Source: Xinhua News Agency
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MILAN, Italy, April 18 (Xinhua) -- Chinese designers from children to professionals are making waves in the Italian capital of fashion this week.

With millions of visitors from all over the world, this year's edition of Milan Design Week is for the first time showcasing China's most up-to-date designs.

The first edition of the China and Design exhibition is being held on April 15-21 in the street of Paolo Sarpi, one of Europe's biggest Chinatowns.

Director of the China Design Centre in Milan Michele Brunello said the exhibition has attracted 65 brands and seven Chinese and Italian universities, with nearly 100 design works. The exhibition is taking place in a former tram factory in central Milan.

Yu Ting, a teacher at China Academy of Art's School of Social and Aesthetic Education, has brought two design pieces by children to the exhibition.

"The Color of Life" is an eco-friendly and interactive installation created by more than 400 teachers and students from the mountainous area of southwest China's Yunnan Province and has attracted the attention of many Italian children.

"The China and Design exhibition is a very good platform for us to present children's design works as well as their creative concepts to the world, and to demonstrate the charm of Chinese culture," Yu told Xinhua.

Another work shown at the exhibition, called "Habitat Chain," is a collection of handmade models of endangered animals, made by Chinese children to underline the importance of protecting biodiversity.

Meanwhile, an elderly Italian couple was drawn to a Chinese zodiac dragon version of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games mascot, Bing Dwen Dwen.

Margherita, who only gave her first name, said she came to the exhibition because she is "very interested in Chinese culture," adding that after seeing the beautiful designs, she "couldn't wait" to travel to China.

Her husband Marco also said he was happy to have the chance to see "the new trend of cultural and technological products" coming from China and hoped the country would also participate in next year's Milan Design Week.

Michele Brunello told Xinhua that Chinese design concepts, as well as the quality of works have been improving in recent years, and that innovation will be a new theme for China and Italy in the field of design cooperation.

"The organization of the China and Design exhibition is the result of the relationship between Chinese and Italian companies, designers, and institutions," he said. Design is all about cooperation, he added, and the first China Week will be a new starting point for cultural exchanges between China and Italy.

The Paolo Sarbi neighborhood, where the exhibition area is located, has won the hearts of many Italian residents with its authentic Chinese restaurants, bubble tea shops and superstores selling a variety of Chinese products.

With the support of Milan City Council, the street was decorated for the China Week, with huge arches erected at the entrance, as well as plaques painted with Chinese pandas, dragons and bamboo slips.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, senior Italian politician Marina Berlinghieri said that on the 700th anniversary of Marco Polo's death, the exhibition is evidence of the two countries' continued mutual respect and cultural exchanges. 

Editor: Yang Linlin