Yangpu Economic Development Zone

Updated: June 15, 2023 Source: en.hnftp.gov.cn
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Located at a latitude of 18 degrees north, Hainan is the country's only tropical island province. The sunny beaches, green forests, and fresh air have given this place a reputation as an international tourism island. At present, Hainan accelerates the construction of China's only Free Trade Port. The world's highest level of opening up is beginning to take form, and the level of opening-up is rising up here.

Yangpu, where Hainan's modern industry is clustered, is one of the first batch of pilot bases of new industries, the demonstration trial park of National Recycling Transformation and one of China's First Green Industrial Parks. Therefore, Yangpu shoulder the main role in promoting the construction of Hainan Frade Trade Port.

Yangpu is a crucial point to connect China and Southeast Asia, as the transportation of cargo circulating back and forth between these different markets must pass through this port. The Port in Yangpu is deep and stretching to shores, sheltered from the wind with nearly no silt and open for shipping business over 300 days a year. Currently, there are 42 shipping berths, including 31 berths weighing over 10,000 tons, with a total shipping capacity of over 100 million tons and superior port facilities.

Yangpu is China's first national development zone open to foreign business, and a joint to converge culture from the East and the West. Many foreign-invested companies are manufacturing products here right alongside with domestic businesses, and large-scale equipment from abroad has been installing here with advanced technology and meticulous crafting.

With 28 years of experience and accumulated wisdom, Yangpu has already become a uniquely beautiful icon of development in Hainan. More and more modern industrial companies have settled down here, while major high-tech projects have been put into successful operation one after another. So far, the number of the industrial chains of the petrochemical aromatics has added; the integrating effects of a ten-million-ton oil refinery have appeared; and ten million tons of commercial oil and gas reserves are in operation, making this China's largest commercial petroleum reserve base; an integrated paper industry involving 3500,000 tons of paper has grown up and its industrial output accounts for 40% of Hainan's total, being a true fountainhead for Hainan's economic development.

In Yangpu, an international kindergarten and an international school with Grade One and Grade Two are now under construction, along with a large-scale coastal international community complex and a top-ranking hospital. All you need like the talent housing, business apartments, coastal parks, starred hotels, stadiums, high-end office buildings, and city visitor reception halls would be provided in Yangpu, and every investor and entrepreneur will without doubt find a comfortable home there.

Today Yangpu, standing on the leading edge of China's Reform and Opening-up, is an important functional platform for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port with Chinese Characteristics where a pilot demonstration area for free trade is being created to facilitate high-quality development within the province.

Editor: Jiang Feifan