GLOBALink | Growing watermelons to buy TV: Chinese experts help Congolese farmers improve life with agricultural know-how

Updated: September 27, 2023 Source: Xinhua News Agency
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Diakabana Ngoma Andre, a farmer from the Republic of Congo, owes his thanks to the Chinese melons expert as he managed to buy his first TV after he harvested watermelons with the knowledge he learned from his Chinese teacher.

For years, the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences (CATAS) has been inviting batches of learners from Africa to China to study agricultural technologies, and sending experts to Africa to provide knowledge and training.

In 2007, the China-aid Agriculture Technology Demonstration Center (ATDC) in the Republic of Congo was approved for construction. Since then, the CATAS has sent over 20 experts to work on selecting tropical crop varieties suitable for local cultivation, and provide agricultural and poultry farming demonstrations.

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Editor: Su Dan