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Italian entrepreneurs upbeat about investing in China

Updated: April 12, 2024 Source: Xinhua News Agency
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MILAN, Italy, April 11 (Xinhua) -- Italy's small- and medium-sized entrepreneurs (SMEs) and law experts attending a business talk here on Wednesday have expressed confidence in investing in China, citing its dynamic and innovative society.

Mario Boselli, chairman of the Italy China Council Foundation, told Xinhua that "investment promotion meetings are very helpful for mutual understanding in the Sino-Italian economic and trade fields."

He emphasized the potential of Italian SMEs, underscoring opportunities for cooperation between SMEs from the two countries.

Chengdu BPlan Tech Co. Ltd, an Italian high-tech SME, was launched in Chengdu, capital city of southwest China's Sichuan Province, at the end of 2019 and started operation in 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company's general manager Alberto Borini said he was grateful to the Chinese authorities for their foreign investment services. "I'm particularly moved by their understanding of the needs of SMEs, efficient communication, and meticulous assistance in my entrepreneurial journey in China."

"Seeing is believing," Borini said in an interview with Xinhua. "I have witnessed genuine social progress and rapid development in China."

China's complete supply chain and safe social environment ensure working and living quality, he said, adding that as one of the most competitive countries in the world, China is still in the midst of vigorous development.

Giuseppe Pignanelli, general manager of TRAVAGLINI S.p.A., an Italian food processing equipment company, stressed China's irreplaceable role in global growth, which makes it an essential destination for Italian and European companies to make investments.

This year, Pignanelli said his company plans to further cooperate with Chinese suppliers, eyeing the good quality of Chinese products.

Ivan Cardillo, chairman of the Italy-China Business Development Forum and director of the Institute of Chinese Law, underscores China's innovation. "Creative ideas can rapidly come true and relevant laws and regulations can be introduced in time such as the legislation on artificial intelligence and robotics, keeping China at the forefront of the world."

The recently released "Patent Index 2023" report by the European Patent Office (EPO) showed that Chinese enterprises and investors submitted a total of 20,735 applications last year, an 8.8-percent increase from 2022.

Nearly half of China's patent applications are in the fields of digital communications, electrical machinery, instruments and equipment, energy and computer technology.

Cardillo said China's patent application volume in recent years has been among the highest globally, reflecting the country's increasing awareness of copyright protection as well as its active commitment to protecting intellectual property.

Davide De Rosa, managing partner of the Hong Kong office of Gianni & Origoni law firm, expressed optimism about the trend of Italian companies' investment in China. "Our clients are from almost all mainstream industries because Italian companies have always been interested in investing in various sectors in China. I believe this trend will continue."

Editor: Su Dan