"Two Zones" of Beijing -- China (Beijing) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Integrated National Demonstration Zone for Opening up the Services Sector

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The two zones are a demonstration zone for the service industry in Beijing, which was approved by the State Council in 2015, and a free trade zone, which was approved by the central government in September 2020.

Beijing will accelerate the construction of the "two zones" and strive to build a world-class and favorable business environment governed by rule of law and create better conditions conducive to domestic and foreign companies developing their businesses in Beijing.



District: Haidian District

Address of the Park: Building C, Information Center, ZPark, No.8, Dongbeiwang West Road

Introduction of the Park: ZPark, located in Haidian District in Beijing, covers an area of 2.6 square kilometers for two phases. It is a high-end professional park for the new generation of information technology industry in the Zhongguancun Science Park and a core area in Beijing's efforts to build a world-class software city. It is a most distinctive professional park and the attractive brand nationwide, a window to show China's achievements from the implementation of the innovation-driven strategy system, a key node for international cooperation and technology transfer, and an important source of science and technologies that bring benefits to people's lives. 

The Park has been designated as the base for different endeavors and received dozens of awards from relevant national ministries and commissions. For example, "National Software Industry Base", "National Software Export Base", "International Science and Technology Cooperation Base", "Software Industry Base for National Torch Program", "National Engineering Practice Education Center", "International Training Base for National Software and Integrated Circuit Talents", one of the "First Batch of Smart Park Pilot Bases", "Training Demonstration Base for Innovative Talents", "National E-Commerce Demonstration Base", "China Innovative Demonstration Base for Cooperation of Industry, University and Research Institute", "Beijing Green Ecology Demonstration Zone", "Zhongguancun Mobile Internet Industry Base", "Zhongguancun Credit Demonstration Base", "Internet Financial Industry Base", "Zhongguancun Big Data Industrial Park (Software Park)" and "Beijing Cultural Creation Industrial Park".

The park brings together leading industry application enterprises in energy, transportation, communication, finance, national defense and other important fields of national economy, embodying the profound integration of industrialization and informatization, and representing the national level of strategic emerging technology innovation. The park has always been at the forefront of industrial innovation and development, and has taken the lead in developing a national leading featured industrial cluster in cloud computing, mobile Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, quantum science and new IT service industry, earning itself a great say and technology dominance in the industry, and displaying a typical high-end form of modern service industry. ZPark, as an outstanding developer of high-tech specialized park, has constructed six elements for the industrial ecosystem over the past ten years, including policy guidance, industrial cluster, innovation platform, fintech, international cooperation and industrial services, to create an ecosystem that is suitable for innovation and entrepreneurship businesses. The park has built innovation chains around the industrial chains, and provided capital chains centering around the innovation chains, so as to construct a technology service system in the park that is specialized, featured, international, brand-based and innovative and achieve online and offline integration.

At present, ZPark is developing a three-dimensional ecological service system with science and technology industry as the core, spatial operation as the industrial carrier, equity investment as the capital link and professional science and technology services as the connection support, to serve the whole life cycle from original innovation, incubation acceleration, large-scale development to capital market expansion, so as to provide enterprises and talents with full-chain services from lab to market, and from registration to listing. ZPark is further exploring the new mechanism for transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Zhongguancun and the new innovation partner mechanism, to extend the innovation chain, enhance the service chain, prolong the value chain and smooth the capital chain, thus to develop a high-end, precise and cut-edge industry chain. Moreover, ZPark takes the establishment of an S&T resource big data platform as a major means to drive the development of an innovation ecosystem, and also as the important strategic support for building core competitiveness in the future. In this way, it can provide personalized data resource services for all kinds of innovation and entrepreneurship entities through active push and targeted service. 

In the new era, ZPark has clearly formulated the "ZPark Future Industry Plan" to be at the forefront of big information industry innovation. With advantages of featured products and solutions of enterprises entering the park, the park will be developed into a pilot and demonstration zone for smart parks; and the scientific, technological and humanistic environment for enjoying entrepreneurship will be further improved to make the park known not only for technology and innovation, but also for fashion, humanity and vitality, so that the ZPark can be a place where people enjoy their work, and enjoy starting up their businesses.

Looking ahead, the park will continue to provide higher quality science and technology innovation services, to develop an intelligence-based zone with international influence, to shoulder new responsibilities and make greater achievements in the great journey of building a national science and technology innovation center in Beijing.

Name of the Management Committee: Management Committee of the Haidian Park of Zhongguancun Science Park

Beijing Financial Street.png

Beijing Financial Street

Located in the core area of the capital, Beijing Financial Street has a construction area of more than 4 million square meters and is home to 1,800 financial institutions, including "one bank and two commissions" (the People's Bank of China, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, and the China Securities Regulatory Commission), managing nearly 40% of the country's financial assets, contributing CNY 362.8 billion regional annual tax revenue. It has become a "national financial management center" integrating decision-making supervision, asset management, payment and settlement, information exchange, and standard formulation.

Beijing financial street is home to high-end headquarters, not only gathered China's highest financial decision and supervision institutions like "one bank and two commissions", but also attracted more than 1,800 enterprise to settle in, including the four major state-owned commercial banks, three major policy commercial banks, the headquarters of the four major asset management companies, 60% of the insurance group headquarters and financial infrastructure such as China's modern payment system, China Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd., China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation. Among them, there are 747 legal entities, which is the region with the highest concentration of the world's top 500 companies. 

Beijing Financial Street has become the world's most attractive investment destination and capital distribution center, and even a financial center with world influence.

Future Science City.jpg

Future Science City

District: Changping District

Address: Beiqijia Town, Changping District

Introduction: Located in the plain area in the south of Changping District, Future Science City adopts a layout pattern of "Two Zones and One Center". In particular, "Two Zones" refers to the main supporting areas of the Future Science City, i.e. East Zone and the West Zone, which are used as a base to build a research, development and innovation community with complete functions and suitable for both living and working; "One Center" refers to the Ecological Green Center that connects the East Zone and the West Zone and contributes the construction of an eco-friendly development pattern featured by beautiful environment and river-city harmony.

Specifically, in the East Zone, comprised of Future Science City Phase I and Phase II projects, Beiqijia Achievement Base and Beiqijia Cultural and Technology Service Area, with a planned area of 43.5 square kilometers, it is planned to build an enterprise-led technological innovation center; while in the West Zone, comprised of Shahe University Town, Zhongguancun Life Science Park, Engineering Technology Innovation Park, Science and Technology Service.

Beijing Lize Financial Business District.jpg

Beijing Lize Financial Business District

District: Fengtai District

Address: Located between the West Second and Third Ring Roads in Beijing, Lize Financial Business District is the last large-scale centralized construction area adjacent to the Second Ring Road in Beijing. It starts from Caihuying Bridge in the east and ends at Lize Bridge in the west. With Lize Road as the main line, it is divided into north and south districts.

Introduction: With a planned area of 8.09 square kilometers, a core area of 2.81 square kilometers and an above ground construction of 5.4 million square meters, Lize Financial Business District is the last large-scale centralized construction area adjacent to the Second Ring Road in Beijing and a new landmark for the development in the southwest of the capital. The new version of Urban Master Plan clearly points out the function and industrial positioning of Lize Financial Business District: "Lize Financial Business District is a cluster of emerging financial industries and a pilot area for capital financial reform." At present, Lize is a "National Smart City Pilot," "Beijing Information Infrastructure Improvement Comprehensive Demonstration Zone," "Beijing Green Ecological Demonstration Zone," "Beijing Service Trade Demonstration Base" and "Comprehensive Pilot Demonstration Park of Beijing Service Industry Extension and Opening." Lize boasts six advantages:

(1) The location is unique. It is 7 km from Tiananmen Square, 6 km from Financial Street and 12 km from CBD. It is located in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei 1-hour traffic circle, 28 kilometers away from Beijing sub-center and 102 kilometers away from Xiong'an New District.

(2) The transportation is convenient. Lize Financial Business District is located in the center of the three transportation hubs of Beijing: West Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station and Fengtai Railway Station, all of which can be reached within 10 minutes. The Lize city terminal under planning and construction can directly conduct check-in and register luggage, and the Beijing Daxing International Airport can be reached in 20 minutes by airport express. The underground transportation corridor is 4.3 kilometers long and seamlessly connects with ground transportation. It is planned that 5 metro lines under construction will meet here, and the transfer of 5 lines will be realized for the first time in the city, especially the straight-through line of Financial Street, which can reach the Financial Street in 10 minutes.

(3) The environment is good. Lize Financial Business District is located in Beijing's urban green belt area, with 2,800 mu of planned green space. Lianhua River and Fengcao River meander between them. There are 70 mu of green belts of Central Park and Third Ring City Park, the cultural belt of Jinzhongdu Ruins, and three green belts of Lianhua River landscape, which together form a 34 km ecological promenade. From any building, people can reach a green space above 1 hectare within 300 meters and reach an ecological promenade within 5 minutes.

(4) The leading layout of 5G is adopted. Lize is one of the first batch of "National Smart City Pilots" in China. It has completed the first batch of 5G commercial buildings in China - Lize SOHO, and set up the first domestic 5G display laboratory open to the public. Lize will become one of the first batch of business districts fully covered by 5G in China.

(5) The service guarantee is strong. Emerging financial industry enterprises settled in Lize can not only enjoy the relevant policies of the country and Beijing, but also enjoy the unique policy service packages of Fengtai District and Lize in terms of financial incentives, talent introduction, housing security, children's education and medical services. For financial institutions with special contributions and important strategic significance, we will provide one-to-one services and tailor-made exclusive incentive policies and service measures. It takes advantage of Fengtai's development space to achieve the job-housing balance.

(6) The supporting facilities are complete. Lize will focus on promoting the integration of industry and city, create a prosperous business district with cultural vitality, and plan the construction of high-end international medical institutions, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools (including international schools); meanwhile, it will also build a number of high-end hotels and shopping complexes, as well as museums, libraries, cultural and physical activity centers and other cultural and entertainment facilities, which are readily available and jointly form a livable and industrial financial sleepless city.

Lize Financial Business District has broad investment prospects. Among the enterprises settled in, there are more than 350 financial companies, accounting for more than 70%. The Asset Management Association of China, China Securities Finance Corporation and Banking Credit Assets Registration and Circulation Center, which have already settled in, have become important forces leading the development of emerging finance.

Huairou Science City.jpg

Huairou Science City

District: Huairou District

Address: Huairou District and Miyun District, Beijing

Introduction: Huairou Science City is located in the northeast of Beijing, mainly in Huairou District and expanded to some parts of Miyun District, with a planned area of 100.9 square kilometers, of which: the part in Huairou is 68.4 square kilometers, accounting for 67.8% of the planned area, and the part in Miyun is 32.5 square kilometers, accounting for 32.2% of the planned area.

Huairou Science City is based on breakthroughs in cutting-edge technologies such as key core technology and disruptive technology led by the five scientific directions and the linkage of cutting-edge technology and high-end related industry policy sources, takes the construction of science and technology service industry (1) meeting the requirements of science and technology development as the link, focuses on the layout of 5 "hard science and technology" frontier industries, i.e. new material, life and health, intelligent information and precision instrument, space and earth exploration, energy conservation and environmental protection, and simultaneously incubates and cultivates future leading industries (X).                                            

At present, Huairou Science City is speeding up the formation of a "1 + 5 + X" industrial system, actively introducing technology-based enterprises and their R&D links for centralized development, and building a service system to promote the accelerated transformation of scientific and technological achievements.                                                                                      

Huairou Science City will continue to strengthen the strategic role of emerging industries, break through the innovation chain of "basic research - applied research - technological breakthrough - commercialization," adhere to the combination of introduction and cultivation, promote the organic linkage between the advantages of basic scientific research and industrial development needs, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and form a two-way coordinated industrial development system.

Beijing Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Zone.jpg

Beijing Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Zone

Park name: Beijing Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Zone

Leading industry: Culture, science and technology: IP design, animation game, entertainment, etc.

Park location: A-7, North Bank of Xiaotaihou River, Tongzhou District, Beijing

Operating entity: Cultural Tourism Zone Management Bureau, Management Committee of Beijing Municipal Administrative Center     

Introduction: Located in the southeast of Beijing and south of the Beijing Municipal Administrative Center, the Beijing Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Zone (hereinafter referred to as "the Zone") covers an area of 12.05 square kilometers extending from Wansheng South Street in the north to Beijing-Harbin Expressway in the south, stretching from the East Sixth Ring Road in the east to Tongma Road in the west.

Focusing on culture and tourism, Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Zone is an important locality for the three core functions of industrial development designated by the central government for the Beijing Municipal Administrative Center. The Zone is a key area for Beijing to develop the integrated national demonstration zone for openning up the services sector, and also a demonstration zone for the new-type integrated development of culture, sports and tourism, as well as a national demonstration zone for the integrated development of culture, tourism and business.

The Universal Beijing Resort, located in the Zone, is the largest foreign-funded project for Beijing's drive to expanding opening-up of service industry. It is the world's sixth and Asia's third Universal Studios theme park, with a total planned area of four square kilometers, of which the first phase covers about 169 hectares, including seven themed lands, namely Kung Fu Panda Land of Awesomeness, Transformers Metrobase, Minion Land, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Jurassic World Isla Nublar, Hollywood and Water World, offering more than 20 entertainment attractions. The first phase of the project has already been open to the public since September 20, 2021, which greatly improves the urban functions of Beijing Municipal Administrative Center.

With the spillover effect of the Universal Beijing Resort, the Zone promotes the integration of cultural creativity with technology and tourism respectively, and with a focus on "high-end development", it develops the cultural and creative industries to build a high-end industrial cluster of culture and tourism. The Beijing Tourism Group has decided to locate its headquarters in the Zone, which will boost the quality resources in "food, accommodation, travel, sightseeing, shopping and entertainment" to join the development of Beijing Municipal Administrative Center.

Based on the principle of "global vision, international standards, distinctive Chinese features and future-oriented goals" and taking advantage of the innovative policies of "Two Zones" bestowed by Beijing Municipality, the Beijing Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Zone strives to build a new model for integrated development of cultural tourism that is "led by institutional innovation and supported by industrial development", and to emerge as a world-class modern and fashionable tourist destination and a cultural and creative industrial park that attracts the gathering of high-end industries.

Sci-Tech Innovation Area.jpg

Pillar Areas: Sci-Tech Innovation Area

The Sci-Tech Innovation Area includes 21.59 square kilometers of Zhongguancun Science City and 10.26 square kilometers of usable industrial space around Zhongguancun Life Science Park. Among them, Zhongguancun Science City mainly covers Cuihu Science and Technology Park, Yongfeng Base and its surrounding available industrial space. The development of a new generation of information technology, biology and health, science and technology services and other industries will be focused on, and a digital economy pilot zone, a global venture capital center, and a pioneering demonstration zone for science and technology system reform will be developed.

International Business Services Area.jpg

Pillar Areas: International Business Services Area

The International Business Services Area includes 28.5 square kilometers of usable industrial space around Capital International Airport, 4.96 square kilometers of Beijing CBD, 2.96 square kilometers of Jinzhan International Cooperation Service Area, and 10.87 square kilometers of usable industrial space around the Canal Business District and Zhangjiawan Design Town of the Beijing Municipal Administrative Center. Focus will be given to the development of digital trade, trade in cultural products, business exhibition, medical and health care, international delivery logistics, cross-border finance and other industries, and a demonstration zone of airport economic innovation will be built.

High-End Industries Area.jpg

Pillar Areas: High-End Industries Area

The High-End Industries Area includes 10.36 square kilometers of available industrial space on the west side of Daxing International Airport and 27.83 square kilometers of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area. Focus will be given to the development of industries such as business services, international finance, culture and creativity, biotechnology and big health. A place for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, a cluster of strategic emerging industries, and a cluster of international high-end functional institutions will be built.

Editor: Niu Huizhe